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Asian Doll Allegedly Cheated On King Von With NB Youngboy Says Kayla B

Kayla B is seemingly exposing Asian Doll for allegedly cheating on King Von with one of his opps.

While NBA Youngboy counts his days in lockup and King Von‘s memories continue to be relived through his various posthumous features, both men continue to make headlines through the social media face-offs between Von’s girlfriend Asian Doll and his sister Kayla B.

Things have not been calm between the two women since the death of the budding Chicago native who was shot dead in Atlanta last November. Asian Doll has used social media to share her distraught about Von’s death. She followed up her social media posts with a sitdown on Taraji P. Henson’s couch, a song dedicated to the slain rapper, jewelry made in the liking of Von, and even the title of “Queen Von.” Kayla B has continued to express that she is not fond of the title and has been taking shots at Doll ever since. Her recent attack was as ferocious as they come.

“Wow you b__ches really be cap on this internet,” she said in a tweet. “Ain’t no queen Von [laughing emoji] because Von was single… B**ches live a whole f__kin lie & messy af hiding they hand!”

Allegations of Asian Doll cheating were made by Kayla, with one alleged side piece being the prolific NBA Youngboy.

“Call Me a snake for not telling on my brother wen he was f**in b**ches! But I didn’t tell on you in Miami wen you was kissing and spending a night with ni***s!” she claimed.

She continued her lashing by sharing a tweet from another user that alleged that Asian Doll was spending time with NBA Youngboy’s premises when Von met his death at the hand of Quando Rando’s associate. Rando is a member of Youngboy’s outfit, and the rumored beef between Youngboy’s crew and the Chicago OTF clan had reached a feverish pitch during 2020.

“Mutha f**as wasn’t loyal they was at YB house the same day Von passed!” Kayla declared.
“How u F**K WIT AND F**K this mans opps! The whole situation wit von was because of her. But that’s gon go over y’all heads!”

There have not been any confirmations of the allegations by Asian or YoungBoy. However, Kayla B seems she will stop at nothing to ruin the reputation of Asian Doll, who she believes is simply using her brother’s death for clout.