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King Von’s Baby Mama Calls His Sister Kayla B Jealous

King Von’s passing is not without controversy as the women in his life continue to go at each other. In the latest piece of drama, one of the mothers of Von’s children, Kema, alleges that his half-sister Kayla is jealous and has stolen unreleased music of the rapper, which threatens to destroy his legacy.

The Twitter spat began after Kema posted a photo with King Von’s kids, which originally included his nephew Lil Toni who she cropped out. Lil Toni’s mother, Kayla B, who is the sister of King Von, did not take the gesture lightly as she went on a rant on Twitter.

Kema, however, defended her actions by saying she made a post about Von’s kids and didn’t want to have his nephew in the post.

“Now I’m Done. Cause I know my babydaddy ain’t stand for nonof this fu a*s s**t. Like I always say Business gone get handled & stood on for him… & His babies gone be straight.,” she said.

“On God if Kayla wanna go there we can. Ain’t nobody jealous of no kid Bro. I cropped him out cause I was speaking on Von KIDS. That’s not his son (even tho you made it seem like it is) so I took him out what I posted ain’t nun more to that sh**.”

Kema also said Kayla has in the past pretended that the father of Lil Toni was not a good father, which led to a concerned Von stepping up to play the father role model in the child’s life.

“I think it’s sick as hell that Lil Toni have a whole DAD that help take care of him & you use to Lie to Von as if he didn’t use to be helping you. Von felt sorry for you bro, on my momma von called me & told me that. He thought you ain’t have no help but you was Lying!…”

She also went on to say Kayla has stolen property belonging to King Von after his death. “She stole his hard drives with his other music your trying to destroy his legacy. everything that’s Von’s belong to Von Mom. You so rich why stealing from your brother?? That’s sick as hell.”

She also said she has been working to have Von’s music leaks removed by calling Empire, and she has been the only one to do this. She went further to accuse Kayla of chasing clout since the rapper died.

“…That’s what I DO. clout seeking ass. Where the f**k them Missing Hardrives?” she asked the rapper’s half-sister.

Meanwhile, Von’s baby mom also accused his half-sister of telling Von that their son was not his biological child, and she accused her of being jealous.

On the other hand, Kayla B replied with a few tweets of her own where she accused Kema of cropping the child out of a photo to get at her. “I never heard about no music being leaked!. Making it seem like I had to lie so Von could do sh*t wen he did and was gone do wateva [crying laughing emoji] especially if I asked never told me no even if he said no first I still got it.”

Fans of the late rapper have harshly criticized King Von’s half-sister, who they say has caused drama since his death for attention online. Some have even hinted that she might have a hand in the demise of Von, although police have not linked Kayla B to the death of the rapper in any way.

King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta in November last year following a dispute with rival rapper Quando Rondo.