Romeich Says He Won’t Respond To Spice Until He Loses 20 Pounds

Romeich Major says he will respond to Spice recent claims but only after dropping around 20 pounds.

While no names have been called, Romeich Major and Spice have seemingly been locked in a heated social media feud. Spice recently landed her blow in which she accused Romeich of robbing money from his star entertainer Shenseea, as well as pointing to him as the reason for a possible collaboration between her and Shenseea coming to naught.

Romeich previously addressed the rivalry with a post showing off his new whips while commenting on his humble beginnings. He decided to handle the recent shots from Spice in a lighter tone, as he mentioned that he has to reach a specific personal milestone before he addresses the situation.

Rumors of things not being peachy between the two camps started to brew late last year when Spice was seemingly blindsided by her one-time spiritual advisor Nardo RT Boss Smith. During one of his now near-forgotten Instagram LIVE sessions, RT explained that he instructed Spice to not go through with a collaboration with her female counterpart.

“Romeich ask fi a collab from Shenseea and all now Spice can’t give Shenseea. Me never approve that, me never think it fit fi do the collab,” he shared.

Since then, tensions have been running high, as fans back their female of choice and sided with whom they wanted to sit on the coveted and clearly invisible queen of the dancehall throne. Weeks of calm were broken when Romeich cosigned a tweet from one of Shenseea’s supporters that apparently compared the recent success of Spice’s “Go Down Deh” single.

The tweet said, “@SHENYENG still hold the record of the female artist to hit 10.2 millions views on blessed in 3 weeks & 10 million views in 9 days with lighter.”

Romeich shared the tweet and added his comment. He wrote, “In today’s history! Facts not Fiction.”

Shenseea’s manager was chastised for fostering hate among the two females, something that Spice also claimed while she answered questions from a recent Q&A.

According to the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star, Romeich would speak ill of her behind her back but pretended to be quite loving when they would meet face to face. She further explained that it’s the two-sided approach that eventually led to their falling out and a shelved Shenseea X Spice collab.

“Me and the girl a talk bout collaboration, yes we talk bout it a more than one time,” Spice said. “The reason why mi never do the collab a because a di the big belly man.… the man walk and leggo him mouth and talk some tings bout me wah mi hear back.”

“First time when the girl a come out memba mi used to give her her flowers and she used to give me my flowers. Is you go inna di middle and spoil it. A so yuh stay, yuh love problem,” she further insinuated about Romeich.

Romeich’s response to such claims came when he appeared on Dj Lava’s Chat & Live Instagram podcast. Instead of tackling the issue head-on, the manager explained that he would not be addressing the matter until he loses 20 pounds.

“Me a wait til me lose 20 more pound before me come talk,” Romeich said.

It’s hard to tell if this will result in a lyrical face-off between Shenseea and Spice, especially with fans calling for more unity among female entertainers.