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Spice Alleges Romeich Stole Shenseea’s Money, Blames Him For Failed Collab

Spice has finally set the record straight about what exactly caused a rift between her and Shenseea.

For a while, the narrative that was perpetuated was that Spice simply felt intimidated by and was not fond of Shenseea, but it turns out that public perception is not always accurate. For years dancehall fans have wondered why the two top female artists in the industry have never collaborated and why there has always seemed to be some sort of malice between them. The answer finally came to light during one of Spice‘s Q&A sessions on Instagram Live, where she decided to address the matter once and for all.

Seemingly perplexed by the ongoing question of her and Shenseea’s troubled relationship and the reason they are yet to do a song together, Spice told fans she would finally give them an answer in an effort to dispel the speculation and hopefully never have to deal with it again. According to the Love & Hip-Hop star, “a di big belly man mek me and her nuh do no song.” Dancehall fans quickly deduced that Spice was referring to Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major. She alleges that Romeich went around trashing her name, and it eventually got back to her. While she was aware of this unbeknownst to him, Spice says he would still act as if he supported her to her face, laughing with her and even hugging her whenever they had an encounter.

The dancehall veteran revealed that she and Romeich actually have a past as business partners and that they would put on parties together. Spice and Shenseea were in talks to collaborate on a track, one that the “Go Down Deh” deejay referred to in her IG Live as a good idea that Shenseea came up with. The story goes that it was Romeich who got in between them with his two-faced schemes and effectively caused that song to never see the light of day. “Me and the girl a talk bout collaboration, yes we talk bout it a more than one time,” Spice said. “The reason why mi never do the collab a because a di man… the man walk and leggo him mouth and talk some tings bout me wah mi hear back.”

She continued, “Memba dancehall music is a hypocrite place so di people dem will stand up inna yuh face and laugh wid yuh and then behind yuh back dem have sumtn else fi say. So di people dem carry back the news come gimme say the man say this and the man say that and the man a bring me down and who badder than me and this and that. So wah yuh waah do song wid me fa then? So mi jus nuh go inna da energy deh cah mi see seh ya build a likkle energy. And memba seh mi nuh have luck wid people no care wah mi do fi dem. So mi jus stay outta di energy and a das why the song never end up get fi do.”

Spice explained that she really was interested in doing the song, and they even sat and talked about it and started making plans, but it didn’t happen because of Romeich’s “bad energy.” She went on to say dancehall is driven by strife, war and that some tend to constantly compete and compare in such a way that it would seem they don’t realize that one person’s success is not another person’s downfall.

In the beginning, Spice recalls that she and Shenseea were more supportive of one another before Romeich’s meddling made things sour. “First time when the girl a come out memba mi used to give her her flowers and she used to give me my flowers. Is you go inna di middle and spoil it. A so yuh stay, yuh love problem,” Spice said with conviction.

One thing that piqued viewers’ interest when Spice mentioned it during her live session was the allegation that Romeich stole Shenseea’s money as well. It was a particularly interesting revelation considering dancehall artist Teejay’s recent departure from the Romeich Entertainment camp and the rumors that followed of similar financial disputes. While Spice did not elaborate on the allegation or state how she became aware of it, she said it boldly and without hesitation.

“When yuh fi talk yuh nah talk cah memba yuh thief up the whole a di girl money too,” she said.

The MTV Movie/TV Award-winner did not dwell on Romeich’s alleged malfeasance but instead rounded up her points once more. “Success spell one way. Your success might be a likkle bit different and my success might be a likkle bit different but success is success,” Spice said. “You a do good in your job, me can do good in my job too. I can be happy for you just as the same as you can be happy for me – a so it fi go. Wah a di problem?”

In the end, Spice reminded that dancehall thrives when artists come together using Bounty Killer and Beenie Man’s Verzuz battle as a worthy example. “Success is success. Accomplishment is accomplishment. Wah happen? Di whole a we can’t happy and celebrate and live good and feel good?”

Spice’s openness on the topic has shed some light on the longtime situation between her and Romeich. He recently stirred up some controversy in the dancehall community using his usual Spice vs Shenseea tactic when he reposted a tweet about Shenseea being the female dancehall artist to rack up 10 million views on YouTube in the quickest time.

A post that seemingly set out to eclipse Spice’s recent announcement that she hit the milestone for her hit “Go Down Deh” in a month. The situation developed into a debate about manufactured numbers as opposed to organic numbers.

Could it be that Romeich really had a vendetta against Spice all this time, and she was made to look like the villain? Will he respond to her recent venting where she spilled all the tea about what really went down? Only time will tell.