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Spice Explains Why She’s Not Fighting For Dancehall Top Spot


Spice says she has zero interest in fighting to run dancehall.

The Queen of Dancehall has conquered a lot in the genre. It’s something that she’s proud of, but Spice is not looking for any titles that would name her as the owner of the genre. Spice opened up to her fans about a number of personal issues on June 4 as she and some of her crew chowed down on some crab and other seafood during an Instagram Live.

The question and answer (Q&A) session was organized after the “Go Down Deh” music video hit 10 million views on YouTube. She promised her fans if that happened that she would have a Live where no question was off-limits.

Her thoughts on dancehall at the moment are quite simple. “The music dem a gwaan good inna dancehall,” she said before adding: “At the end of the day, everybody a do good. Everybody fi get dem flowers.”

Spice explained that she had no interest in being seen as some sort of Dancehall boss because the genre would still be around long after she exits.

“Me come yah come see dancehall and mi a guh go weh lef dancehall. Dancehall nuh live a nuh body yaad so when some man a gwaan like dem own dancehall mi sure seh dem come yah come see dancehall and dem a go lef it – dat a one ting mi know. So mi coulda never be a mad woman fi come yah and a fight fi dancehall and mi never mek it,” she added.

Spice might not be concerned with titles, but it seems others are gunning for her crown. Most recently, fans noticed that Shenseea’s manager Romeich seemed to be calling out the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star on social media. That started when Romeich posted: “@SHENYENG still hold the record of the female artist to hit 10.2 millions views on blessed in 3 weeks & 10 million views in 9 days with lighter.” he followed that up with a re-post that he captioned: “In today’s history! Facts not Fiction.”

His posts seemed to be in response to Spice stating during a Live that she was the first Jamaican female to get 10 million views and still be trending after four weeks with her track “Go Down Dey.” In January, Spice and Shenseea stopped following each other on Instagram. This seemed to be because Shenseea felt slighted by Spice. In a 2020 interview, the “Blessed” singer revealed that she was having a hard time getting collaborations with females.

“Guys, it’s not that I don’t try to do collaborations enuh, especially with Jamaican artists, it’s just dem nuh waan do none wid me, really and truly. My manager has reached out to a lot of females, dem nuh waan do nuh song wid mi suh weh me fi do?”

Spice doesn’t seem to be perturbed by any of the drama and is maintaining a laser-like focus on her fast-moving career. When asked if she was nervous about her upcoming Jimmy Kemmel performance, she replied: “Me ah the queen ah the stage. When it come down to performance me ha dat lock. Me born in ah performance school.”

The “Watch My Life” singer also revealed that she hopes to have more children. She told her fans that her dream is to have twins. “Another daughter from my other half Justin. He has a daughter called Janessa,” she added.

She wrapped up the session by answering a fan’s question about her daughter Nicholatoy.

“Toy toy is with Justin and funny enough I don’t even want to talk about the situation right now but just remember seh me tell unno seh Toy Toy is going through something weh mi try nuh give nuh energy but she’s doing great,” she said.