Spice Takes A Jab At Her Haters In “Watch My Life” Video Amid Shenseea Beef

Spice music video “Watch My Life”

Spice is the master of stunts, and her latest song is nothing short of her creative marketing genius. The ‘So Mi Like It’ artiste sent fans wondering if she was doing ok as images surfaced of her wearing hospital scrubs and being attended by a nurse.

Fans expressed concern for the artiste about her health after she posted a photo showing a nurse taking her temperature while she holds her head. In subsequent posts, it appeared as if Spice was in hospital fans caught on to the stunt after another photograph which shows dancehall deejay Demarco dressed as a doctor.

Spice did not disappoint as she later posted a preview of her song “Watch My Life” as she sings about unknown persons –“dem a watch my life”, and her many material possessions like her Louis V, Graci Noir, and her bags and shoes.

The Spice says people are watching her life “even on my IG when I go live” as she posts several clips of her live videos, which gets hundreds and thousands of views. The song received 100k views in just seven (7) hours after it was released.

Meanwhile, many fans commented on Spice’s marketing style while others commented on the subliminal messaging in Spice’s video in the end where she stands next to what looks like a throne as if to metaphorically imply that she is the Queen of Dancehall.

Is Spice dissing Shenseea in her new video.

Other fans, though, couldn’t help but bring up Shenseea referring to her as “the other girl” and claiming that Spice writes her own song hence why she deserves Queen status. Others said that Shenseea wanted the position of Queen of Dancehall music, but Shenseea’s loyal fans came to her defense “suh uno call name nuh cause if a sheng yeng uno a talk did she came out and say she want to be queen.. if so pls share the link where she said it so I can watch it too.”

Spice and Shenseea unfollowed each other weeks ago after Spice said that no one in Dancehall had given her her flowers as she praised a post by Jada Kingdom who thanked Spice for being a mentor to her. However, Shenseea took offense at Spice’s claim as she has in the past publicly acknowledged Spice’s contributions to the industry and stating that she looked up to her.

Spice disingenuous behavior arose at a time after her former spiritual advisor, aka obeah man, disclosed that he had warned Spice against working with Shenseea as the younger female would upstage Spice and might even get ahead of Spice and become bigger than her.

Shenseea, in the past, had stated that her management had asked other females in the industry to collaborate, but the females didn’t want to work with her. For the most part, Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major has always spoken highly about his artiste’s work ethic and behavior to guidance. He often credited her positive work attitude as the reason she had blown up bigger than many artists before her in just two years after she first started dancehall music.

Shenseea, on the other hand, has been doing well not only in music with big collaborations with some of the biggest names in hip hop and R&B but also on the entrepreneurial side- launching her eyelash line, snagging several major endorsements deals with Pretty Little Thing, Carib Beer and even with local companies.

On the other hand, Spice herself is etching out a flourishing career in entrepreneurship as she launched her own clothing and make-up line, all while being a star on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.