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Rising Bay Area rapper Mike Darole Murdered In botched robbery

Mike Darole was shot dead during a botched robbery incident.

Violence has claimed yet another rapper’s life. It has been reported that Bay Area rapper Mike Darole was killed in Sunnyvale, California following a botched robbery last Saturday (May 15). The news became public after a GoFundMe page which was set up in the name of his children, revealed that he was unfortunately fatally shot. It stated that he was just trying to walk his dog outside of his family home. It appears that there was an attempted robbery and Darole fought back but the robbers fired multiple rounds and struck the 29-year-old father six times.

He was rushed to the hospital but doctors could not save him. He is survived by his girlfriend of 12 years, three children, parents, sister and younger brother. He also had three nieces and a nephew.

The GoFundMe spoke about the late rapper’s passion for life and music. Some of the statement read:“His passion for his music and lyrics made him loved and adored by his many thousands of fans across the world. Michael was a loving father who always made sure that his children were provided for and taken care of, they were the light of his world and what kept him motivated to succeed in every career venture that he took; from music to his own clothing line, he did it all for his family.”

Before changing his rap moniker from M.I.C., Darole had some success in the mid-2000s and was part of two groups, The League and N3w Era. He launched his solo career in 2009, and his debut single “B.A.B.Y.” did well. He eventually formed a duo with his brother called The Pisces Brothers and they released a single called “Chit Chat” last year. Ironically in that song, he raps about getting shot.

This was not his first brush with death as in 2015 during another robbery attempt he was shot at point-blank range and the bullet was lodged next to his heart. He would need open-heart surgery and took a year to fully recover. The GoFundMe goal is currently set at $20,000.