Tommy Lee Sparta Hints In New Song He Was Setup By Friends

Tommy Lee Sparta dancehall

Tommy Lee Sparta released two new singles on Friday, April 9, where he seemingly addressed his legal troubles.

The Dancehall artiste, whose real name is Leroy Russell, also released the new animation for his recent song “Weh U Woulda Do” a few hours after dropping a gritty single, “3 Point.” The later, which is another way of referring to life, is a gritty dancehall track that involves its fair share of violence and threats.

In the song, Tommy Lee Sparta sings, “Some boy nuh bad none at all, shoot yuh face make the frowns drop off. Funeral day dem close you off hear the church dem a sing to God. Run thef**king place like a f**king race, hear a bolt take off. Dem swear say a rain a fall when mi pop off the 40 ball.”

The song, produced by Donsome Records, comes after news that the 33-year-old deejay may be implicated in crimes that could put him away for life. The “Spartan Soldier” deejay has had many run-ins with the law over the last six years. The deejay’s luck seemingly ran out late last year when he was held with an illegal firearm and ammunition. The deejay pled guilty to the charges in March and will serve three years behind bars.

Tommy Lee Sparta made headlines again this week when police sources reported that the gun he pled guilty to having is linked to at least two murders in the corporate area and three cases of shooting with intent.

The murders are that of renowned dancehall personalities Owen Clarke, also known as Roy Fowl or Father Fowl, and Alphanso Harriott, also known as Oney British – both of the British Link Up Crew. Both men were murdered in 2019. Tommy Lee’s attorney, Donahue Martin, continues to deny his client’s involvement in any such crimes.

Tommy Lee Sparta’s second release for the day possibility contains the answers about who actually committed the crimes he may soon have to answer to.

“Weh You Woulda Do” sees the dancehall deejay meeting with his inner demon. “Weh yuh woulda duh? Warn yuh bout yuh fren longtime An as yuh tun yuh back yuh get a knife juck. Weh yuh woulda duh? Far wi a come from school days half a pencil an a book, Weh yuh woulda duh? Play supa hero like Christ an end up duh wah Christ duh fi yuh, What dem guh duh?” Sparta deejays.

The song stands centered on the themes of betrayal and disloyalty, where Tommy Lee Sparta insinuates that he was framed by a friend. We should point out that no formal murder charges are made against the deejay.