Tommy Lee Sparta Case: Gun Seized Linked To Murders Of Roy Fowl & Oney British

Tommy Lee Sparta’s gun case is not yet over despite his guilty plea and sentencing.

Urban Islandz reported yesterday that the gun seized from dancehall entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta has been linked to two murders in the Kingston and St. Andrew area, law enforcement sources revealed. Investigators were able to link the firearm to the murders through ballistic testing using their Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS) machine.

Law enforcement sources have now revealed the illegal gun was used in the murders of two prominent members of the British Link Up, Roy Fowl and Oney British, Nationwide reported. Urban Islandz reported in February 2019 that popular dancehall promoter Roy Fowl, also known as Father Fowl, real name Owen Clarke, was shot and killed at a party at Harry Josephs and Sons Centre at Grove Road in Kencot, St Andrew. Roy Fowl was a well-known figure in the party scene in Jamaica and was the leader of the British Link Up Crew.

Two months after Roy Fowl’s killing, another prominent British Link Up member, Oney British, real name Alphanso Harriot, was shot and killed on March 29, 2019. Harriot was gunned down while driving his Mercedes Benz along Mountain View Avenue, in St Andrew, in the vicinity of the National Stadium.

In both murders, the gunmen rode on motorcycles to attack their victims. Since then, cops have been unable to make a breakthrough in the murders of the two prominent men. Police are now saying that the cartridges picked up from the scene of the two murders match that of the 9mm Glock firearm seized from Tommy Lee Sparta when he was arrested in Kingston in December last year.

Tommy Lee Sparta pled guilty to possession of illegal firearm and ammunition last month and was sentenced to three years in prison. His legal team later revealed that they had been negotiating a plea deal with the Director of Public Prosecution, and the 3-year sentence was agreed upon.

Tommy Lee’s attorney, Donahue Martin, told the Observer yesterday that the dancehall star denies any wrongdoings apart from being in possession of the weapon. “I would deny any other involvement in relation to that firearm,” Martin said. “We took responsibility, the ultimate responsibility for the mistake of having it on us on that day. We plead guilty and we’re remorseful about that.”

It’s not yet clear if the Montego Bay dancehall deejay will face murder charges.