Blue Ivy Turns Her Grammy Into Her Sippy Cup After Creating History

Beyonce shared some images of Blue Ivy taking a sip out of her Grammy.

There’s nothing like toasting to your success. While Blue Ivy Carter is the second youngest Grammy winner ever, she was still able to take a sip to success and do so in a most fitting manner, from her Grammy trophy. She may be the youngest ever to do so as well though there are no records to prove that one.

While many have toiled for years in the music biz hoping for the recognition of a Grammy, Blue Ivy was able to achieve hers at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards through the ingenuity of her superstar mom Beyonce. The win for her part on “Brown Skin Girl,” has been viewed by many fans as a sign that she will follow in the footsteps of her parents, who are, of course, extremely successful artists. It seems that she already has the know-how on how to celebrate, probably from watching her parents over the years.

The moment was captured in a photo that was posted but later deleted by Beyoncé. The iconic moment was later shared by The Shade Room, who caught a screenshot. In it, the young star can be seen sipping from her Grammy.

While there has been some consternation from rappers and fans alike about the Grammy’s approach to awarding music, many in the genre were still able to walk out with awards last Sunday, March 14. Blue Ivy’s mother, Beyoncé, took home the greatest prize of the night as she became the most decorated Grammy-winning singer of all time with 28 to her name.

It’s traditional for artists who win to take a drink out of their Grammy trophy, and many notable names like Drake and even Blue Ivy’s dad, Jay-Z, have been pictured doing that, but none have ever picked up as much buzz about a Grammy win as young Blue-Ivy has.