Ray J And Princess Love Hit Pause On Divorce For Second Time

Ray J and Princess Love divorce is on pause for a second time.

It would appear Ray J and his wife, Princess Love, are still together despite earlier reports that there was an impending divorce between the two. According to new reports, the pair has dismissed their divorce for the second time.

Both Ray J and Princess Love filed for divorce in May and September 2020, respectively. Reports indicate that they filed to have their divorce proceedings dismissed on February 16, 2021. This request was granted on March 1 of this year.

While their divorce has been legally dismissed, if at some point in the future, either party decides to call it quits again, they will have to go back through a similar proceeding. Thankfully, from all indications, they seem to be giving their relationship another go, even if it’s for the sake of their children.

Ray J and Princess Love have two kids together, Melody Love and Epik Ray. The couples’ marital issues seem to stem from an accusation back in 2019 when Princess reportedly said Ray J abandoned her and their daughter just weeks before the birth of their second child Epik Ray. When news of that allegation broke, fans were quick to take Princess’s side, citing that she should have left Ray J from the infamous incident where he pushed her into a pool while she was fully clothed.

In an interview last month, Ray J revealed that he and his family would be moving from Los Angeles to Miami. He also said that they were in a better space than they were a few months ago. The pair got married back in 2016, and it’s been a drama-filled ride since then. Both parties typically let the drama unfold before the public eye, even going as far as participating in a TV show where they laid all their dirt out for the fans, of course, for a fee.

At this point, fans are begging to be let off the “circus” and desperately hopes that Princess Love will one day find the strength to leave Ray J.