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Ray J Says he And Princess Love Moving To Miami Might Save Their Marriage

Ray J says he and Princess Love are moving to Miami with their kids and that decision might end up saving their marriage.

After filing for divorce last year, it looks like Ray J and Princess Love might actually be getting back together. Their relationship has been followed by the media and their reality TV series for years, and after a difficult year not short of a new baby, a Vegas scandal, and divorce papers coming through in the end, fans are more intrigued than ever to find out where Ray J and Princess Love go from here. Well, here it is… The Love and Hip Hop stars are reportedly living together and are working on their relationship.

While we are yet to hear from Princess Love, Ray J sat down with TMZ Live and explained that while he and the mother of his children are not officially back together, the family certainly is. According to Ray J, the family moved down to Miami and are all living under one roof. Despite the fact that they are currently going through a divorce, Ray J says he and Princess are close to getting back together.

The reality stars have been married since 2016 and share two children, 2-year-old daughter Melody and 11-month-old son Epik. In the highly publicized aftermath of their November 2019 Las Vegas fracas, a pregnant Princess Love accused Ray J of abandoning her and their toddler in a hotel room. Several months after and after months of living apart in May 2020, Princess filed for divorce from Ray J. She later withdrew the papers only for Ray J to file again in September of last year.

The couple going from living apart and filing for divorce on the West coast to living together and working on reuniting in Miami is probably just the shift they needed to work things out. Do you think the Love & Hip Hop stars will get back together this time?