Eminem Gets Real Shady With Snoop Dogg In “Tone Deaf” Video

Eminem Snoop
Eminem & Snoop Dogg

An animated video to the Music To Be Murdered By track “Tone Deaf” is now being claimed to have references to Snoop Dogg, which Eminem fans say is the popular rapper dissing Snoop, as the two continue what appears to be tense relations spurred by fans insisting on having the two legendary rappers clash.

It started with Tik Tok users tried to cancel Eminem for his popular “Love The Way You Lie” lyrics. However, staunch Eminem fans quickly came to his defense in what appeared to be an all-out war for their icon.

The fans are now promoting a theory about the animated video in which a building has a sign for ‘No Dogs Allowed’ with the face of a dog on a leash and a red strike-through it, which is a subliminal reference to Snoopy.

Snoop Dogg and Eminem seemed to have been in a tiff earlier in the year, which Snoop Dogg has later brushed off as just fans starting stuff on the web. However, Slim Shady fans are reading more into the animated video.

In July 2020, Snoop Dogg had appeared on the The Breakfast Club in which he had a conversation about his 10 Ten rappers of all times, and he did not include Eminem. “[Dr. Dre] has probably put Eminem in the position to where he could be one of the Top 10 rappers ever. I don’t think so, but the game feels like he’s Top 10 lyricists and all that that comes with it. But that’s just because he’s with Dr. Dre and Dr. Dre helped him find the best Eminem that he could find.”

It seems that Snoop was saying that Eminem is not all a that, and even if he was, it was all to Dr. Dre’s credit. Well, Eminem did not take too lightly to the commentary by Snoopy and responded with a jab at Snoop’s directorship of MTMB Side B track “Zeus” in which he raps: “As far as squashing beef I’m used to people knocking me/But just not in my camp/And diplomatic as I’m tryin’ to be/Last thing I need is Snoop doggin’ me/Man, Dogg, you was like a damn god to me/Meh, not really (haha)/I had dog backwards.”

The beef didn’t escalate beyond that point, although Snoop did reply, calling the verse “soft a*s sh*t.”

Eminem further spoke on the issue on SiriusXM, saying, “everything he said, by the way, was fine, up to a point.”

He added, “him saying I’m not in his Top 10 because there are some rappers in the ’90s I can’t f**k with. A: Him saying Dre made the best version of me, absolutely, why would I have a problem with that? Would I be here without Dre? F**k no, I wouldn’t. The rappers he mentioned from the ‘90s — KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, [Kool] G Rap — I’ve never said I could f**k with them. I never said that.”

Eminem continued, “I think it was more about the tone he was using that caught me off-guard ’cause I’m like, where is this coming from? I just saw you, what the f**k? It threw me for a loop. Again, I probably could’ve gotten past the whole tone and everything, but it was the last statement where he said, ‘Far as music I can live without, I can live without that sh*t.’ Now you’re being disrespectful. It just caught me off-guard. I wasn’t ready for that.”

Well, the two men have been quiet for the most part, but fans are still reading into things they say and do. After all, it’s really hard to pick a side which, as KXNG Crooked had rightfully said, a beef between the two men would be the most polarizing in the present Hip Hop and Rap industry, something that would do away with years of growth and progress as Rap makes an effort to move away from beef and violence which has cost many lives.