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Eminem Gets 10th No. 1 Album With ‘Music To Be Murdered By’, G.O.A.T Status

Eminem moves closer to Jay-Z’s hip-hop record, as Music to Be Murder By becomes his 10th No. 1 album.

Eminem’s surprise album Music to Be Murder By has earned the Detroit rapper his historic tenth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart. Once tied with rapper Kayne West with nine consecutive wins, Eminem’s latest project has scored him his 10th consecutive No. 1 in his career. To the surprise of fans everywhere, Eminem released, Music to Be Murder By, without any previous promotions, and despite some initial controversy the album quickly moved 279,000 equivalent album units, of which 117,000 are in album sales.

In 2018, Slim Shady’s surprise album Kamikaze also debuted at No. 1 as well.

Eminem’s newest accolade has placed him in the ranks amongst the greats. He is now one of just the six acts in history to have at least 10 chart-toppers on the Billboard 200. The Beatles hold the overall record with 19 Number Ones. Jay-Z holds the record for solo artists and Hip Hop artists with 14.

This is certainly a turn of events for the rapper who just a few weeks ago was being called a “monster.” Many fans even threatened to cancel Slim Shady after listening to his track, “Unaccommodating,” where he mentions the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, with the lyric: “I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting.”

Eminem defended his artistry by explaining to fans his intentions were not to glorify death but to highlight the disturbing everyday occurrence of gun violence.

In a statement the rapper wrote:

“This album was not made for the squeamish. If you are easily offended or unnerved at the screams of bloody murder, this may not be the collection for you. Certain selections have been designed to shock the conscience, which may cause positive action. Unfortunately, darkness has truly fallen upon us.”

Regardless, the rapper’s core fanbase managed to boost his record to the top of the charts.