Silent Ravers Mother Speak Out Amid Ding Dong Fallout Over Leaked Video

Silent Raver’s mother has added her voice to the saga surrounding her son regarding a recent video that was leaked to social media that cause a falling out with Ding Ding’s Ravers Clavers crew

On Friday, dancehall artist Mr. Vegas called Silent Ravers to hear what really happened. During the interview, Vegas questioned him and asked if he was aware at any point that he was speaking with a male or if he had promised him money. To that, Silent Ravers responded, “No.”

There are also a few other videos that are also going around, but Silent Ravers emphatically denied that the other videos are of him during the call. Vegas then informed him that the person in question is a known figure who has tried in the past to trick other artists online, including Gold Gad and Christopher Martin. Swearing on his “grandmother’s life,” Silent Ravers again denied he knew it was a male. He spoke about the fact that his life was being “tarnished,” and he has reportedly also been getting threats since the videos were leaked.

He also spoke with Silent Ravers’ mother, who expressed how torn up she was over the entire situation as she knows her son as a “girls man.” She even went as far as saying she has had to caution him sometimes about taking so many girls to the house. She says this may have contributed to him getting “tricked.”

The fallout from the video so far has been a catastrophe for the dancer. Rumors indicate that he has been kicked out of the popular dance crew Ravers Clavers by Ding Dong. Although the dancer later came out to say he was not kicked out of the crew. Dancehall pundits from all over have also weighed in on the situation, including Foota Hype.

Mr. Vegas also had a warning for the person who reportedly posted the video. Chiding, “smaddy a go kill u a just that mi a warn yuh, a bet u smaddy lick yuh down, gwaan ramp wid people life and think seh it funny.” He continued, “Yuh a go mess wid the wrong person.” He further chastised the individual in question for posing like a girl to trick Silent Ravers.

Silent Ravers is best known as the creator of the popular dance “Flairy.” We will continue to watch out for any other new light and perspectives being shed on this sticky situation.