Ding Dong Kicked Silent Ravers Out Of Ravers Clavers Over Leaked Video

Ding Dong has some trouble brewing inside his Ravers Clavers crew.

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating via social media that popular dancer, Silent Ravers of the Ravers Clavers crew, was no longer a member of the famed collective. His exit was proceeded by a series of leaked videos of the dancer being caught in a compromising situation. There was a lot of speculation as to the validity of the stories that were being spread.

However, Ravers Clavers leader Ding Dong confirmed that Silent Ravers was no longer a part of the dance crew. The revelation was made via an Instagram Live session with selector and dancehall commentator Foota Hype. During the live session, Ding appeared a bit guarded about the entire incident while speaking to Foota.

While the head Ravers did not say much, the incriminating videos already captured the dancer allegedly seeking sexual favors from another male who goes by the name Lil Kev. The reported videos have since been shared numerous times and have left the entire dancehall industry in a state of shock. On Tuesday, Silent even deactivated his social media account before reactivating it on Wednesday to address the gay accusations via Instagram LIVE.

According to the dancer, he is not gay. He further explained that he made a mistake and was tricked by the person he was seen in the video with. During his IG Live session, he denounced claims that he had provided thousands of dollars to Lil Kev by reminding fans that he previously needed assistance after he lost his house twice.

Silent also mentioned that he was not fired from Ravers Crew by Ding Dong. He further defended his claims of being a heterosexual by swearing on his mother’s life that “Nobody or no bwoy or no girl, nobody can’t seh dem touch mi or me touch dem.”

Silent Ravers is credited for the popular dance “Flairy,” made popular by Ding Don’s track of the same name.