Bounty Killer Shares Huge Celebration For Shabba Rank’s Late Mother In Seaview

Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps

Bounty Killer shared a video of a gathering in Kingston that has left fans dumbfounded about the lack of attention to covid-19 protocols.

It is often said that celebrities sometimes believe they are above the law. Fans are discussing this yet again after Bounty Killer shared a clip of an event he attended to honor dancehall icon Shabba Ranks’ mother, who recently passed. “Tribute to Mama Christie,” Bounty wrote in the caption on Instagram. “Seaview Gardens earlier today.” In the clip, it was clear that the venue was over capacity – at least considering the new protocols for gatherings due to the pandemic. There were well over a hundred people present.

Some fans were outraged and expressed that in the comment section of the post. “No mask that’s why the government can’t trust u guys to open up the entertainment business,” one fan wrote. “I always say the government should open the entertainment business and hold anybody that in control of the party accountable and I guarantee them will make sure the patrons wear mask but no I see why them don’t give u guys that responsibility.”

At this point, it’s hard to tell who hosted the event. Bounty Killer, who is originally from Seaview Gardens, was clearly in attendance as he shared the 12-minute video of the party on Instagram. However, he was no orchestrator. Therefore many are left to wonder how the government would even go about addressing this spectacle if they opt to.

Shabba Ranks’ mom was a well-respected elder of the community who will be missed dearly. That much we can tell from the massive turnout even in these times. It is said that Miss Christie, as she was affectionately known, would often cook for virtually everyone in her close-knit community. Thus she has inspired popular dancehall songs like “Shabba Mada Pot” by Dexta Daps, who is a Seaview Gardens native as well.

Though it would be understandable under normal circumstances why the memory of Shabba’s late mother ought to be honored with an event like this, most fans simply cannot see past the blatant disobedience of the residence who obviously care zero about the spread of covid-19. One fan who saw Bounty’s video on Instagram wrote, “All I see is covid.”

On the other side of the spectrum, there are dancehall fans who overlooked the unmasked crowd and instead celebrated their coming together. “Dem type a love ya we need inna di country, everybody jus support the life of Mama Christie. S.I.P have raised and [nurture] one of dancehall greatest pioneer. Condolences to the family,” wrote one supporter.

Beenie Man was recently charged for promoting and attending an event in Westmoreland where he was scheduled to perform. So have many other people who have breached the Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement Act across the country. These recent events might force the government to impose stricter rules to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Do you think the people at the gathering should face the consequences for not only the staggering numbers but also the fact that no one was wearing a mask?