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Megan Thee Stallion Fans Upset Over Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot

Thee Stallion’s fans are angry about her Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot.

Megan Thee Stallion fans are not happy with the photos of her latest feature for Harper’s Bazaar’s front page, which features the “WAP” rapper. Her fans are excited that she has made the cover- being the third of female rappers- Nicki Minaj being the only rapper until recently when Cardi B broke that record, but they are not happy with the creative direction of the shoot, which even has the rapper appearing posed as if she had scoliosis.

According to the magazine, the cover s for Bazaar’s US 2021 issue and Megan as the model is styled in Alaia, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Prada, and Valentino. Unhappy fans, however, took to Twitter to vent that their “good sis” was not properly styled as they called out the creative director for the photos appearing drab and Megan looking dull and even tired.

In the magazine article, Megan is quoted as saying, “I’m realizing that I don’t have to be in full glam every time you see me, because I’m just getting more comfortable with myself and more comfortable with my skin,” she says as she speaks about Megan Thee Stallion the rapper. She was speaking about her growth to becoming one of the best rappers in the industry and her upcoming projects.

The photographer Collier Schorr and style editor-in-chief Samira Nasr both received flack from fans who called for them to be fired or to apologize for the images as they compared previous shoots of the rapper for other news publications, which were better, according to them.

“Y’all know y’all dead wrong,” one fan said. Another commented under Harper’s announcement of the magazine cover- “I swear Meg takes better pics.”

Other fans also compared selfie images taken by Megan herself, which appear to have better lighting making the rapper’s skin appear glowy and clean in comparison to the dull photos taken at the Bazaar shoot, which also seems to have darkened the rappers skin tone by a few shades darker.

“The yellow outfit is my favourite from Megan’s Harer’s Bazaar shoot. I get what they were doing for the fashion concept but I don’t think it was executed well,” another fan commented.