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DJ Akademiks Slams Benny The Butcher Over Tekashi 6ix9ine Collab

Tekashi and Akademiks
6ix9ine and Akademiks

Did Tekashi 6ix9ine asked Benny The Butcher for a feature?

Everything that rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine does seems to be wrapped up in some sort of drama. Rumors in the industry indicate that he’s looking to make a musical comeback with a new album following the failure of his last one, TattleTales. Like most rappers in the space, the anticipated work is expected to have features. Just a few days ago, one of those rappers who was reportedly approached was Benny the Butcher.

In a now-deleted tweet, the rapper responded, “Tekashi Manager hit me up and ask me was interested in doin a song with his client. What u think I said?” He also reportedly included a poll in which there were only two “options”: “No” and “F*ck no.”

Another rapper who said he was approached for a feature that had a similar response was Kid Trunks. He said, “So this man Tekashi just hit me for a feature what do you think I said?” He also offered up the same two options like Benny in his pole on Instagram.

Now there’s news that none of the rappers were ever approached. That’s according to DJ Akademiks, who said that 69 never reached out to Benny The Butcher or Kid Trunks for a feature. Akademiks, who is a well-known supporter of 69, said that the rapper doesn’t need a feature from them.

Akademiks even trolled the two rappers saying that both artistes might be in need of his Lil Ak stimulus package. “6ix9ine ain’t ask none of these n***as for features lol… that was a prank call.. the prank dude did it on clubhouse.. just to show how ppl will clout chase w anything,” he said using his Twitter Account to deliver the message.

He added that if Tekashi 6ix9ine was actually looking for a feature, it would come from more elite rappers in the game like Drake and Roddy Ricch. “N btw… no diss but if 69 finna ask for a feature why not ask drake, baby or roddy ricch,” he continued before adding, “Some of the people saying they got asked… might need a feature from Lil AK at this point.”