Ky-Mani Marley Set To Debut New Movie “Necessary Badness” Ahead of “Shottas 2”

Ky-Mani Marley

Ky-Mani Marley’s new movie Necessary Badness is set to premiere this year as we awaits more details on Shottas 2.

It has been close to 2 decades since fans last witnessed Ky-Mani Marley exercising his acting chops in a new role. A quick review of posts shared to the singer/actor’s Instagram page has proven that the deadlock will be broken sometime soon. Ironically, his most recent promotional post surrounding his upcoming film suggests that the 44-year-old will be breaking a few bones when the cameras are on.

“When your family life is at stake the rules no longer apply! #vengeanceismine #revenge #vigilante #movie #comingsoon,” he wrote below an image blaring the title of the upcoming project, Necessary Badness. While we have not been privy to an official trailer just yet, the title is perhaps the only indicator one needs to know this one will be violent. It is a role that we are now used to from Marley, who starred as Biggs in the 2002 Jamaican crime drama Shottas. Ky-Mani Marley starred alongside the likes of Spragga Benz, who played Wayne, Paul Campbell as “Mad Max,” the late Louie Rankin as “Teddy Bruck Shut.”

Shottas’ plot includes a grueling war to decide who will rule the criminal underworld of Miami. The rivalry ultimately claims the lives of some of ‘Biggs’ closest friends, forcing him to avenge their death in the closing scenes of the film.

A few days ago, popular Jamaican radio station Zip 103 FM confirmed that Spragga Benz currently has a “fifty-seven page script” for Shottas 2. In 2015, Marley also mentioned a “Shottas 2″ script, which he said was “really good,” further revealing that Benz had also received a copy. With this in mind, the most positive of thoughts would be that the 2015 script was updated. However, Spragga’s inclusion is puzzling a few fans who clearly remembered Wayne being left for dead. There is no word just yet on when Shottas 2 will arrive, nor do we have a proper time frame for the release of Necessary Badness.

The actor has posted a couple of other promotional posts to whet the appetite of movie lovers who are anxious to see him on the silver screen. In one such post, Marley is photographed with his back against a fence while clutching a high powered rifle. “One time for my warriors! #warrior #necessarybadness #movie #comingsoon,” he penned below that post.

Ky-Mani’s demo reel also includes the 2003 film One Love, in which he plays a young rasta who falls in love with the preacher’s daughter played by reggae singer Cherine Anderson.