Kranium Says Fans Are To Be Blamed For Beefs In Dancehall

Kranium is weighing in on some ongoing beefs in dancehall amid Spice and Shenseea falling out.

Dancehall has a rich history of clashes that have entertained fans for decades. Many have debated whether or not the clash culture is actually good for the genre or if it holds it back. One artiste, Kranium, has weighed in on the issue, and his take is a bit different.

Kranium believes that dancehall fans are the ones to be blamed for creating the rivalry between deejays. He said when fans spur on deejays, their egos get involved, and this causes the rifts that sometimes last for long periods of time. He tweeted, “90% beef in this industry is created by fans but most artist Mek them ego dash gas on it … that’s why me take the good with the bad . Until a man tek it pass music .. be human yes but be a sensible one !”

In a recent interview on The Fix Podcast, Kranium also shared his feelings about the state of dancehall. The “Nobody Has to Know” singer said even though other genres had popped up like afrobeats and gained a lot of attention, dancehall had defined its space and also had its time as the popular music.

“I don’t think there need to be a comparison between dancehall and afrobeats and the reason why me always say this is because when dancehall had their golden era in the 90s to 2005. We had Sean Paul, we had Shaggy, we had Beenie Man, we had Brick and Lace, we had Elephant Man, we had Wayne Wonder for example. I could call seven artistes whose doing great on the mainstream market,” he said.

He also said that he believed dancehall artistes have been doing well as they try to keep the genre alive.

“Me just love the fact that dancehall is a young fan-based driven music and it ah very fast music and right now it’s been a while me can identify 10 different artistes. I can call 10 different artistes that I think have the potential to be big,” He continued on to say that “dancehall is in a great space of creativity and me love it.”

Do you think it’s fans who cause dancehall artistes to clash?