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Bow Wow Apologize To Mayor Of Houston On Twitter

Bow Wow

Bow Wow is apologizing to the Mayor of Atlanta after they go back and forth on Twitter over his club packed performance.

In this phase of the global pandemic, officials are still imploring people to stay in and avoid large social gatherings, but the control seems to be slipping further and further away from their grasps. Patrons in every city are filling the nightspots and partaking in their usual leisure activities, which is only a recipe for the outbreak to spread.

While it’s hard to pinpoint the people of influence who are deviating from the COVID-19 management policies, Bow Wow believes that he is being targeted. After a video of the rapper performing at a venue in Houston to a fully-stocked crowd went viral, he took to Twitter to rant with disdain about being blamed for the incident. “Safe to say the mayor of Houston hates my guts. I cant believe I get the blame for a whole weekend. This is ridiculous,” Bow Wow tweeted on Monday (Jan. 18).

Mayor Turner caught wind of the tweet and ended up replying, though he failed to tag the correct Twitter user. “Let me very clear. I don’t dislike @BowWowPromoTeam. While the city is in the midst of this pandemic nearly 2000 infected and 17 dying yesterday, this is not the time for concerts,” replied Turner.

Bow Wow later apologized to the mayor and showed some accountability for his actions. “I apologize if I did anything wrong. I love the city of Houston. I consider it like a 2nd home. A place I go to one my free time,” he wrote. “Sorry to the mayor for any confusion. I understand the time we are living in so I apologize.”

The rapper, however, could not bring himself to refrain from making his case on how unfair it was that he was seemingly singled out. In his defense, Bow Wow explained that it wasn’t his concert, and he just performed a quick verse and returned to his section where he put his mask back on. Apparently, it was a friend’s birthday, and he wasn’t even paid for his time on stage.

Amid his apology, Bow Wow wrote, “My clip was the only clip to go viral and we know why. Anything with my name attached to it reads HEADLINES. Thats why they chose me…” He, however, added another apology after he digressed for a fleeting moment. “Much love mayor!” Bow Wow tweeted. “Once again im sorry if i caused any disruption. I didnt mean to. All love! And i love the city of houston with all my heart,” he said.

The Twitter spat ended with the rapper offering the mayor front row tickets to the Millenium tour at the Toyota Center, and he gladly accepted. “I appreciate @smoss and look forward to attending his concert myself in Houston when we get past this pandemic. st,” Turner wrote.

All is well that ends well.