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Bow Wow Gets Backlash For Packed Maskless Concert In Houston

Bow Wow Shadmoss
Bow Wow

Bow Wow is getting heavy backlash for performing at a packed maskless show in Houston.

Bow Wow has come under heavy criticism after he performed in front of a packed audience in Houston, Texas, with very few masks in sight. His actions have been deemed selfish as the world continues to battle with the ongoing pandemic. Many in the world continue to wonder when any normalcy will return even as vaccinations have begun in major first-world nations.

His performance comes as a slap in the face to the more than 24 million infected Americans. Over 400k Americans have also died from the coronavirus so far as well. Admittingly, it has been tough on the entertainment industry, and many artistes have suffered as shows have been shut down across the country.

In the video that surfaced, many fans were seen screaming Bow Wow’s lyrics back to him. He faces the same type of criticism that both Lil Baby and Gucci Mane faced when they were also welcomed in Houston. Lil Baby eventually had to defend himself from the mayor of Houston for his show.

Both Bow Wow and his fans faced heat from critics for the concert. For some, what was especially troubling was that people could be clearly seen ignoring the six-foot rule while not wearing masks as well. Bow Wow also faced the fire not too long ago, when he was seen with a large group of people on a small boat.

“What’s irritating is that the idiots who do this stuff walk away unscathed. But they’ll go on to pass covid to someone who wasn’t even there, and who will wind up fighting for their life,” one fan said, another added “These people will be showing up at work, grocery store, church, school, etc. this week, spreading COVID, and getting mad at you for telling them hospitals are overwhelmed. They should all sign waivers saying they give up hospitalization so other people can get the beds.” This fan trolled Bow Wow and said that he was surprised the rapper could get such a huge crowd in 2021, “Putting the fact that we are in the middle of a global panorama aside, I’m more surprised that Bow Wow has a club packed anywhere in the year of our Lord 2021.”

Bow Wow hasn’t responded to any of this criticism as yet. You can take a look at what had so many fans up in arms about the concert below.