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Boosie Badazz Makes First Step On His Own After Being Shot In Leg

Lil Boosie is able to walk again following his gunshot injuries.

Boosie Badazz seems to be on the mend after suffering from a gunshot wound during a shooting back in November. The rapper was attending a memorial for his friend and collaborator, Mo3, who had lost his life in a different incident of gun violence when the car he was riding in was shot at, and Boosie was hit in the leg.

He quickly took to social media to let his fans know he was alive and well, but he has been in a wheelchair since the attack. Being in a wheelchair didn’t keep Lil Boosie at home, however, as he was seen only weeks later partying it up in the club with his new wheels.

Now, Boosie fans are even more relieved to see the Louisiana artist take his first steps since his injury. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to attract followers and viewership, Boosie took to Instagram to announce that he would be attempting to walk for the first time since being shot while live streaming. After asking for help to stand up from someone behind the camera, Boosie proceeded to take a few steps. He was excited to see that he could do it, saying, “You saw me do my sht, yeah btch! Yeah, it’s up!”

The Baton Rouge rapper then enthusiastically announced his achievement to everyone else in the house before he was out of breath and needed to sit back down. Boosie Badazz acknowledged that his time in a chair has set him back physically, saying, “Man that little walk got me tired already, man. I gotta get my training, I’m out of shape. It’s because I’ve been sitting up for two months in that bed, I’m out of shape…that sh*t got me feeling like I ran in front of police.” Now that Boosie is back on his feet, he will surely be back to his old self in no time.