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Rick Ross Says 50 Cent Current Rap Is Trash, Dismiss Verzuz Showdown

Rick Ross thinks a Verzuz battle between him and 50 Cent wouldn’t be a fair fight.

G-Unit boss 50 Cent definitely released his fair share of hits in the early 2000s, but apparently that’s not enough to get into the ring with Rozay today. As Verzuz continues to be a hot topic, celebrities and fans are weighing in on the next best match up. One of the long-awaited battles is 50 Cent vs. anybody really, but while fans have been pining for a face-off between him and Ja Rule in particular, Rick Ross was recently asked if he’d go up against the TV mogul.

According to Rozay, he’s not sure it would be an entertaining round-up, and he thinks Fifty fell off and is beyond the point of saving. “Would it really be entertaining, music wise?” questioned Rick Ross on a recent episode of the I Am Athlete podcast. “You know, I’m a real dude. 50 Cent had some huge records when he had the biggest producers and artists around and was putting them all together. That’s why right now he can’t make nothing, not to save his life. Rozay probably couldn’t save him!”

Interestingly enough, Fifty pretty much said the same thing about the reason Ja Rule wouldn’t be a fair contender – the hits don’t compare. According to the TV producer, Ja only has hit with female artists leading the hook or do-over records. In a previous interview, he challenged his longtime rap rival to take him on without using any of those duets. However, Ja Rule has maintained that Fifty doesn’t want that smoke.

During an interview, Ja Rule said he really “rocks” his shows, and it’s “like an hour of straight hit records. No filler. All crab meat.” Though he later said he would rather get in a real boxing ring with his rivals because he’s much “too old to be in Verzuz beef.”

Amidst the viral fight between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson, which ended in a knockout, many people are looking to this brutal yet professional form of sparring to settle scores. In time, rival celebrities might opt for the boxing ring instead of the Verzuz stage. Where do you think 50 Cent has a better chance against Rick Ross?