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Ja Rule Says 50 Cent Is Scared To Go Against Him On Verzuz

50 Cent and Ja Rule beef
50 Cent and Ja Rule

Verzuz Battles have continued to deliver quality entertainment to fans, and this was once again highlighted with the recently concluded E-40 and Too $hort’s battle. In what would be an epic battle, if it ever happens, Ja Rule has said that he could hold his own and probably even beat 50 Cent if they were ever to go head to head.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, he said that all it would take was a phone call for the battle to happen, but after being pressed on the matter, he quickly added: “ain’t gonna happen.” Even though he dismissed the notion of a battle he added that he believed his body of music could stand up to any competitor, even it that person was 50 Cent.

“Everybody don’t want the smoke. Everybody don’t want this smoke. I got heat. Let me tell you something, when I do my shows, I can rock. I’m telling you, it’s like an hour of straight hit records. No filler. All crab meat, nig*a. This ain’t the joints with the — you know what I’m saying? All meat in that muthaf***ing crab cake, ni**a. It’s all meat, ni**a,” he said.

If he’s given a chance at a Verzuz Battle, Ja Rule said that he would look for an uplifting one as opposed to one with beef. He added that if he felt the need to settle any beef, he’d rather do it in the boxing ring at his age. He praised the Verzuz Battles for helping to reignite the interest in rap battles.

“Listen, man, I love Verzuz, I love what it is, I love to see artists getting in there and doing the sh*t, but if I did one, if I did do a Verzuz, I would want my Verzuz to be fun,” he said. He continued on to say that he believed this is what Verzuz battles should be about.

“So, I would want my Verzuz to be fun, and filled with love in the room and sh*t, and that sort of thing. I’m too old to be in Verzuz beef, and to be in with my team of ni**as, all my team of nig*as, we’re like, ‘Come on, man’,” Ja Rule added.