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Dr. Dre Files Prenup Estranged Wife Says He Tore Up Showing Details

Dr. Dre nicole
Nicole Young, Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre filed his prenuptial agreement in court, the same one his estranged wife Nicole Young says he tore up in front of her.

The divorce proceeding between Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young is heating up, but it looks like Nicole won’t be able to get what she is hoping to get from a divorce settlement. That’s because Dr. Dre says that a pre-nuptial agreement or a prenup as it is known, clearly outlines what the parties are entitled to.

According to the contents of the prenup that was signed prior to their 1996 marriage, when it comes to properties, both parties only own what they acquire. That is, what Dr. Dre acquires is legally his, while what Nicole acquires is legally hers. The prenup also says Nicole does not waive her right to spousal support, which means that if it is held up in court, she can walk away with a hefty monthly sum.

According to TMZ, Nicole wants $2 million a month in spousal maintenance. Dr. Dre’s net worth is reportedly around $800 million, just a little ways away from being a billionaire, having sold his Beats by Dre stake for $ 1 billion to Apple (but not retaining the entire billion as he paid $500,000 to the U.S government in taxes over the sale).

However, with still such a large amount of income, Nicole might get her big payday. However, Dr. Dre’s Attorney-at-Law Laura Wasser says not so fast! According to documents filed by Dre’s Attorney, he has been voluntarily paying all her expenses since they split. He’s currently paying for the Malibu estate she’s living at, security, and if she wants cash, he also ponies up by sending a messenger.

Dr. Dre’s filing says Nicole’s demand of $2 million is ridiculous as the actual amount of her monthly expenses totals $293,306.

Her lawyers also want $5 million for attorney’s fees. Dr. Dre said so far he has paid nearly $1 million dollars in lawyer’s fees for Nicole while his own lawyers have not been paid as much as hers.

Nicole also wants to be compensated for emotional and physical abuse, which Dr. Dre has denied.

Meanwhile, Nicole says there is no prenup governing the marriage as Dr. Dre tore it up shortly after they got married. However, Dr. Dre denies this is the case and says the prenup says it can only be altered or terminated by writing. He says there is no such document in writing, and Nicole doesn’t have one either.