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Boosie Badazz New Challenge Could Get His Fans In Legal Trouble

Lil Boosie proposed a pretty risky video challenge for his latest single “Stick N Da Car”

Boosie Badazz has been promoting his newest release for a few weeks now and the challenge inspired by the title can get you in some serious trouble. The Baton Rouge rapper has been pretty active online as usual and even amidst getting shot on his birthday his social media presence is a riveting media muse. His new single “Stick N Da Car” was inspired by the tragic events in November when he was shot in the leg while in Dallas for a tribute.

Boosie asked fans who wanted to participate to record a video of themself in the whip doing something interesting with the “stick.” Keeping your strap in the car is a whole lot different from recording it and that’s exactly what the rapper wants you to do for this risky challenge. Some of the top comments online pointed out obvious reservations about making a video like that but nonetheless, there is sure to be a winner at the end of it all. The rapper is offering a $2,000 grand prize and he is accepting the video entries through email.

Taking to Instagram to announce the challenge Boosie Badazz posted a clip explaining how to win the two bands. “Whoever do the best ‘Stick N Da Car’ video – going dumb with them sticks. Whoever do the best video win 2k for Christmas,” said Boosie. The rapper invited contestants to send him videos in the DMs as well as the email address in his caption. “STICK N DA CAR VIDEO CHALLENGE WINNER WINS 2k DM @nightlyfedtone or email nightlyfebooking@gmail.com,” the rapper wrote alongside the clip.

One fan was quick to say, “U needta stop goin on vlad bro… this is federally motivated content. Song is fye tho” while others advised those so inclined that the prize money is hardly enough to retain their lawyer. On the other side of the spectrum, there were eager fans telling Boosie in the comments that they’ve already DMed him. “Check your dm Boosie, I got the best video and the best guns. And you my favorite rapper so post my sh*t,” wrote a zealous stan.

Interestingly enough, most of the comments are criticizing the challenge for the legal exposure but there is still an abundance of willing participants, and it’s hard to separate those who carry legal weapons from those who don’t. One fan commented, “I keep my stick in the car. Let me hop on this” with a series of laughing emojis. I suppose some people might feel safe because they’re not posting the videos, they’re just sending it to their favorite rapper right? Though, what is it that they say about the immortality of every piece of data in this vast cyberspace?