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Jayda Cheaves Clash With Teanna Trump Over Lil Baby’s Cheating

Jayda Cheaves gets into it with Teanna Trump on Twitter over more cheating allegations against her baby daddy Lil Baby.

Another sex worker says that she has receipts that the young rapper has cheated in what seems like a series of cheating allegations within the last few weeks. It all started after Lil Baby’s current girlfriend and mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves, posted a cute photo of herself wearing a layered outfit with several shades of nude. She captioned the post: “send me a nude,” along with a colon directing to the image as an implied response.

That’s when Teanna Trump joined in as she threw shade at Jayda, “and that’s why you got cheated on,” along with the secret giggle emoji. It seems that Teanna is implying that Jayda is boring, which is why her man strays.

Jayda was quick to clap back though, replying, “but you s*ck dick for a living?” referring to Teanna’s career choice. Teanna responded with a clapback that’s sure to take the breath out of anyone “yea I do, your man loves my mouth.”

Jayda deleted her original reply, but Teanna was not done as she sent another nail into Jayda and Lil Baby’s relationship – “he better check his b**ch Lol. Don’t let me post screenshots,” she threatened.

Lil Baby, who has 13.8 million followers, has not reacted to the catfight, while Cheaves has deleted all the tweets.

The pair have been together in an on-again-off-again relationship, but they have a one-year-old son named Loyal.

In spite of this, Lil Baby seems to be a fan of the freaky side as this isn’t the first time an adult movie actress is implying she has evidence of his cheating. A few weeks ago, adult film star Ms. London began to spill the tea about allegedly sleeping with Lil Baby. Ms. London didn’t only make claims of sleeping with Lil Baby, and she also provided several receipts to back them up.

Since that incident, many have taken to Twitter to ridicule and mock Jayda. After the last incident, she said while amusing at first, the comments and criticism she was receiving started to hurt her feelings.