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DHQ Danger Says She’s Traumatized Plans To Take Spice Baby Father Nicholas Lall To Court

Troubling news of the alleged sexual assault of former dancer DHQ Danger by Nicholas Lall began circulating this week. Lall, who is the father of Spice’s children, has since denied the accusations.

DHQ Danger used Instagram to give details about what she suffered while on tour in Europe. She said that Lall allegedly secured a second swipe key to her hotel room before forcing himself on her and sexually assaulted her. At that time, she said, “My youth, you know say you go down in a the place and take the key and pull the door and come f**k me off. You know say you manipulate and threaten me my youth. Me and you know exactly wha gwan. Dem time deh me a likkle Gal, you go out on the road go drink then come tek room key and come in and hold me down. Years this deh pan mi, mi couldn’t live.”

Following his denial of the dancer’s account, she opened up even more about the reported attacks on On Stage with host Winford Williams. The interview was posted on YouTube earlier today, December 18. Danger said that she intends to take the matter to court. She appeared on the show virtually and said that she was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and that she was still traumatized about the entire ordeal. This is the reason that she’s not been a member of Team Spice, which has also since broken up, since 2018. She added that following the alleged attack, her departure was sudden. Danger said when she was abruptly removed from the group, her fans, friends, and family kept asking her what happened.

It was only a couple of days ago that she revealed the truth. “I was responding and defending myself based upon himself accusing me of him having sexual intercourse with me. So he made statements online on a Live video and he did it offline as well. He said it to persons,” she said.

She added that she felt she had to share what really happened after Lall made it sound like it was consensual sex while talking on ‘RT Boss’ Live. That was the last straw for her, so she made her accusations public. She was also motivated by her genuine friendship with Spice, who didn’t know about the attacks until two weeks ago. She said she just wants everyone to know what happened and that Lall is very dangerous. She said he was a “snake.” “He’s a snake, he’s a predator, and that’s not safe.” She repeated that she was innocent in this situation and that she wants people to understand that.

Danger said that the incident took place when they had just two shows left, and she felt like she had been manipulated because Lall knew that she badly needed the job. She hoped that by staying quiet, she could maintain her place in the team. She also revealed that she was suddenly removed from the What’s App group a little while after the incident. She added that a dancer then told her that Spice didn’t want to speak to her because she heard about the incident and thought that Danger willingly slept with Lall. “Like my inside collapse, and I was like I don’t know what to do because something happened, but it’s not in the way they said it. Then basically, I got cut off, and then everything went backward. That caused so much depression,” she said. Since that time, she and Spice have begun to communicate once again, and this has helped her to begin getting over the incident, she added.

By opening up, she was able to begin returning to her normal state as she said she was not functioning at a hundred percent. “This was so depressing, and I lost a lot, you know I just want to heal and get it behind me. I just want to strive for greatness without this anchor holding me back,” she added.

She said that healing was a lot of work. In between tears, she explained how she felt and the pressure of what she has dealt with on her own. She also explained that her tears were because every time she described what happened, she had to relive it. Following her departure from Team Spice, she had to reinvent herself and her career. She also revealed that in 2019 she welcomed a daughter. She mostly does promotions now. Danger also said that she recently opened a bar and that she still dances, but the coronavirus has caused things to slow down significantly. She also wants to become a makeup artist.

She fondly recalled being a part of Team Spice, and that Spice was the reason she got to see the world. Danger went on to say that her time with the crew helped her to see the benefits of being a professional dancer. Danger added that she was proud of herself for coming out because it caused an outreach from other women who said they understood her predicament. All she wants is for everyone to know that she is innocent and that she wants justice.