DHQ Danger Accused Spice’s Ex-BF Nicholas Lall Of Rape In Emotional Video

Spice former dancer DHQ Danger has dropped a bombshell that she was allegedly raped by the baby father of her former boss- Nicholas Lall.

Lall shares two children with Spice and was her former road manager, but the two split a few years ago, and Spice has accused him of being promiscuous and also a deadbeat father. Now, RT Boss, Spice’s former ‘Spiritual advisor,’ was the one who said that Lall had an affair with Danger. However, Danger has come out to say that while on tour in Europe, Lall allegedly secured a second swipe key to her hotel room, and he forced himself on while also threatening her to harm. She said they never had a relationship.

“My youth, you know say you go down in a the place and take the key and pull the door and come f**k me off. You know say you manipulate and threaten me my youth,” DHQ Danger said. “Me and you know exactly wha gwan. Dem time deh me a likkle Gal, you go out on the road go drink then come tek room key and come in and hol me down. Years this deh pan mi, mi couldn’t live.”

She also said he threatened to make her lose her job as a dancer for Spice. Danger, who hails from Montego Bay, got her big break, something that is a dream come through for many dancers who barely get opportunities to earn money, much less be able to travel the world.

“You threaten, you know mi never want lose me work,” she said in a voicenote she said she sent to Lall confronting him about his comments admitting that he had a sexual relationship with Danger. The dancer burst into tears as she said she came from nothing and didn’t have anything, and she also had her children to take care of, which is why she never said anything earlier.

Danger said she was always loyal to Spice, and in the end, she lost her job because Spice thought she was messing with her man. She said she regrets not telling Spice. “All mi did ever have was true and genuine love for the woman (Spice) and the work and mi did appreciate every bit of what I was experiencing because that was what I wanted…Spice was my friend, practically my best friend. I owed her the right to hear what happened. She hear what happen and mi get removed from the group and she tek weh herself.”

Danger admitted that she regrets she never fought “hard enough” as Lall allegedly raped her. However, she said when the incident happened, she told a close friend immediately after.

She also said that Lall had his eyes on her for a long time. He allegedly attacked her at Hedonism Hotel, where he tried to rip off her pants. He succeeded in tearing the underwear she had on under the pants as she struggled to stop him, she said. “the man through him and Spice a have argument he went and f*** a woman by the poolside. He f**k the woman and video it and then show it to Stacy Expressionz…Him know say Stacy woulda bring back the argument to Spice…that man there is a viper, a predator. Badman long time the man a watch me, bl***claat a pree me, me as the innocent rabbit and him a the lion a pree me. When I go in the group mi a 19 (years old).”

She added that Lall succeeded in his nefarious actions while on tour in Europe. While she says she can’t remember the exact timeline, it was when Spice was working on the song Indicator and Danger was there making the dance.

“Memba mi inna shock, ‘ah dis pan mi’ mi couldn’t fight back, the man come in unexpected, the man grab me,” as she says he grabbed her at her side and pinned her down on the bed face down, “mi struggle and mi move but we couldn’t move, mi inna shock, mi couldn’t move, mi all a wonder if mi fi bawl or scream but mi fraid a Spice man and mi did deh… the man ketch me ears for a minute ‘memba him a Spice baby father and dem deh fi years and she nah go believe, and dem wi kick me out of the team and mi affi go back and bay and what and what him wi do mi, if me mash up him life or him relationship what and what him wi do mi and mi life at risk’”, she said Lall told her as he allegedly committed the act.

She said that after the incident, Nicholas Lall also allegedly started stalking her and calling her ‘Pretty.’

She denies that there was any relationship and that she ever had consensual sex with Lall.

“Shortly after we come off on tour, we never get into contact again. We had gone on a small island Spice bring her nephew, and it was me alone, and the man tell the nephew to slap mi pan mi batty. Spice did vex and galang bad.”