Tory Lanez Savagely Shade Megen Thee Stallion In A Viral Tweet, “Couldn’t Take No D*ck”

Tory Lanez appears to shade Megan Thee Stallion on Twitter after she posted a twerk video on IG.

Tory Lanez is back at it, and this time he is throwing hints at Megan Thee Stallion as he ridicules her that she “couldn’t take d*ck” after the rapper shared a happy video of her twerking online. Tory is presently awaiting his trial in January for the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion earlier in the year. Megan alleged that Tory shot her, resulting in her receiving wounds to her feet.

At his hearing in November, the Judge had granted a protective order against Lanez, which extended to his use of social media to bash the Texas rapper or provide a platform for his followers to do so. Tory Lanez, for the most part, has been very quiet. However, he seems to out to stir the pot.

The video that seems to grind Lanez’s gear has Megan Thee Stallion in a sexy pink floral onesie bodysuit, which has her squatted and twerking as she shows off her twerking skills. In the post, she can be seen cheering on by a man and another unknown woman. Her caption said “it was the knees for him…but I was practicing this move I learned from my New Orleans fren.”

Despite the video not being directed at Tory Lanez or having anything to do with him, it seems he couldn’t help himself. Lanez posted a cryptic message, which has fans thinking that he is directing it to Megan. The tweet said ‘All that for that gram, but couldn’t take no d*ck.”

Tory Lanez and Megan are said to have shared a relationship prior to the shooting incident. Fans though are irritated by the Toronto rapper and many shared their views on twitter. One follower said, “can we finally say tory lanez is just an incel who raps?”

Another fan said, “Megan Thee Stallion has been living rent-free in Tory Lanez’ big a*s head since this pandemic started.”

Another follower said, “Tory Lanez is exactly why you don’t give the pu**y up to a lame. He cornball a*s b**ch.”

Another said, “Tory Lanez is actually a spawn of satan.”

Another follower not only addressed how bothered Lanez is but also his fans who keep attacking Megan. “Meg: **twerks on the innanet minding her business* Tory Lanez: *throws shade on twitter* Ni**a who don’t know the difference between carrier and career in the comments blaming Meg for ruining “Tory’s carrier.”