King Von’s Uncle Says Quando Rondo’s Days Of Performing Live Are Over

Quando Rondo’s days of performing live are over, according to King Von’s uncle.

As for social media, the answer to that is no, since the rapper recently dropped his brand new mixtape Before My Time Up and is promoting it on his Instagram account. It is customary for rappers to hit a few concerts to promote their new material. However, this may not be a reality for Rondo. According to King Von’s fans and family, he will not be able to perform anywhere anytime soon.

Quando Rondo and King Von were engaged in a fight outside of a lounge in Atlanta last month when Rondo’s associate Lil Tum shot Von in what Rondo is calling self-defense. Since then, the “Imperfect Flower” rapper has been defending the honor of his associate. He even took to wax with his tell-all track “End Of Story” to share just how he feels about Von’s death.

Things have been getting messy since then, with NBA Youngboy’s brother allegedly getting shot for speaking ill of King Von after he died. By the looks of it, Von’s associates have some sort of plan, and it involves starving Rondo and his crew. The Savannah, GA rapper has not done any live events since the shooting incident.

It was alleged that Lil Durk, an associate of Von, purchased all the tickets to an upcoming show that Quando had, in an attempt to carry out a retaliation. The show was canceled, but Quando Rondo denied that it had anything to do with Durkio snagging all the tickets. Additionally, there are screenshots being circulated around the web of someone said to be Rondo, asking Lil Durk to be allowed to do shows. This was also denied by Quando.

During a recent interview, King Von’s uncle declared that it will be pretty hard for Rondo to get any work done on the road.

When asked about the likelihood of Rondo performing again, he said, “No. I mean, he can, he can slip through the cracks. But it’s ugly for him bro. He killed a real one. We ain’t going to get nobody else like that. A n__ga that took his first hundred thousand, passed it out.”

NBA Youngboy had a major show in Florida just a few days ago, and boldly played Rondo’s track “End Of Story.”

What are your thoughts on Rondo performing live? Do you think he’ll now have to splurge on beefing up his security detail much as Tekashi 6ix9ine did?