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Jayda Cheaves Says Her Feelings Hurt By Fans Trolling Over Lil Baby’s Cheating

Jayda is asking fans for a reprieve from their verbal pummeling amidst Lil Baby’s scandalous sex transaction coming to light.

Lil Baby was exposed by an adult film actress by the name of Ms. London on Twitter when she bragged about him being the best she’s had without actually saying his name. Fans were quick to put it together after London mentioned that “Jayda not leaving this man ever” and it appears many have come to agree with that statement after seeing how the rapper’s girlfriend has responded. Jayda came out to blame everyone from the pornstar to the internet but not Lil Baby, at least not publicly. Since then fans have come down hard on her for not holding the rapper accountable for as far as they can see.

While Jayda denied defending Lil Baby and says she “handle his a** on the backend not on the internet” fans can’t help but give her a premature bashing over the anticipated outcome that she will stay with the rapper. Though Baby was initially denying the claims, he seemed to later change his tune taking to Twitter to say, “Let my good outweigh my bad and keep pushing!” Most people have taken it as an admission of guilt.

Meanwhile, Jayda is asking fans to ease up on the hostility because she’s only human herself. In a short video she posted on Instagram Stories, she appeared to be putting on a brave face but her eyes were welled with emotion. “Okay now y’all chill on ya girl,” she wrote. “My feelings starting to get hurt and y’all know I can normally take the jokes but enough now.”

The emotionally appealing sentiment ushered supportive fans to the comments with one assuring her that “Girl atleast you crying in a RR the rest of them crying on the bus” while another reminded that “we jus want better for you.” At the end of the day, cyberbullying is lame and there really is no reward for either Twitter fingers or Instagram thumbs.