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Vybz Kartel Teases New EP “Dancehall Royalty” With Sons Likke Addi & Likkle Vybz

Vybz Kartel is teasing a new EP amidst his Grammy snub.

This summer, Gaza fans campaigned with Vybz Kartel for the launch of his “Grammy album” Of Dons and Divas. While the feature-filled project had a Top 10 debut on the Billboard Reggae Album chart and topped local Apple Music and iTunes charts, the project did not get the recognition fans and the deejay alike were hoping for from the academy.

For dancehall fans, this wouldn’t be the first time Kartel was snubbed, in their opinion, but he always kept it moving. Vybz Kartel has already released two projects this year, including January’s To Tanesha which is a tribute to his longtime partner and family matriarch Shorty. Despite his work still not getting the acknowledgment he aspired for, Teacha is once again just keeping it pushing with a newly announced EP.

The incarcerated deejay has maintained an unprecedented reign over the dancehall industry that is unparalleled by all accounts. Now to further solidify his prolific year, Kartel is gearing up to release Dancehall Royalty. The dancehall mogul revealed the cover art for the EP on Instagram along with the guest appearances, and it is clearly a family affair.

By the album cover alone, you can tell that the Worl’Boss is unapologetically saying his family is the first family of dancehall and, therefore, “dancehall royalty.” The cover features a photo of Kartel and his boys dressed in embellished uniforms garnished with medals, chains, and emblems, while Shorty, who is clad in a white dress, gives a classy smile fit for a First Lady.

The dancehall giant did not share too many details on the upcoming EP except that it will feature his sons, Likkle Addi and Likkle Vybz, his cousin, Sikka Rhymes, and Renee Six-Thirty. An Instagram page was created for the Shortboss Muzik production, which revealed that “the much-anticipated album series” is expected to arrive on January 8. That means by then, Vybz Kartel will have released three albums in a calendar year.

Did someone say unstoppable, runaway train?