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Boosie Badazz Shares More Photos Of Gruesome Gunshot Injuries Almost Rip Leg Off

Boosie Badazz

Lil Boosie is giving fans an inside look at his recovery after being shot in the foot.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Boosie Badazz was shot in Dallas on his birthday. The rapper was in town for a tribute in honor of BadAzz Music Syndicate rapper Mo3 who had died a few days prior. Gunmen opened fire on Boosie’s Sprinter van while he was parked in the parking lot of a popular mall sending him and his team rushing to the hospital.

The Baton Rouge rapper previously told fans that he’s doing okay and thanked them for their well-wishes and kind encouragement but now Boosie is giving fans a peek at what his life has been like since the shooting. He is doing so with a mini documentary-type music video for his song “Lost For Words.”

In the teaser posted by video director Chuck Star, Boosie Badazz is seen recovering from the gunshot wounds after going through a number of surgeries and getting plenty of stitches and staples in his upper leg. To say the ordeal looks mighty painful would be a gross understatement but the clip preview wraps up with the supportive picture of Boosie surrounded by his friends and family during his recovery at home.

Chuck Star directed fans to see the full video that is exclusively available on Boosie’s Only Fans page. “Go to @boosienewig and subscribe to his onlyfans to see his recovery. It’s only one boosie ig page make sure u following the right one,” Star wrote.

Lil Boosie has shown a resilient front in the publc eye amidst the tragic incident that has confined him to a wheelchair. Just recently after spending a week in the hospital and regardless of being wheelchair-bound, the rapper performed at an event in Charleston, South Carolina. He told fans that he had to get back in his bag regardless of circumstance because he is a “hustla.”

However, while Boosie Badazz appeared to be enjoying himself with a convincing grin in the video from the performance that he posted, he used a hashtag in his caption that is worth analyzing – “Sometimes I smile to keep from crying.”

With the “Lost For Words” video up on his OnlyFans, Boosie will give fans a more intimate view of his emotional and mental state and what his recovery process has really been like so far.