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Summer Walker Slams Fan Who Claims London On Da Track Cheated, London Responded

Summer Walker let a fan have it after making an accusation about her estranged baby daddy, London On Da Track.

R&B singer Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track’s relationship seem to fluctuate like the winds, with the couple being on one minute and off the next. In the past, fans have thought that there might be some abuse going on after the producer appeared to be choking Summer Walker until she said that she loved him in a clip that went viral.

The pair, who have dated since summer 2019, also broke up briefly in September, and rumors of London cheating have always plagued them. It was confirmed via a DNA test in July that London On Da Track is the father of a 1-year-old child by a woman named Dayira Jones.

Over the weekend, the “Over It” singer, who herself is currently pregnant with London’s child, went off on the 29-year-old on social media, calling him a “bum a*s n****” in her Insta Story and claiming that she could “really f*** up life” by outing him, but had decided not to. “Black men gotta start doing better when it comes to being a father,” she wrote in another post. “My grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis n**** lame.” .

In response to the rant, a follower questioned why Summer Walker was surprised as she disrespected London’s baby mamas and took him back after he allegedly cheated on her. The mother-to-be was having none of that and lashed out at the commenter. “1st, if that n**** ever cheated on me I ain’t never found out & damn this perspective is so annoying,” she declared. “Ain’t nobody bout to keep being nice tryna sing kumbaya big happy family when they keep constantly disrespecting me. I’m going to curse you out every time.”

In response to Summer accusing him of being an absentee dad and calling him “ghetto,” London took the high road, writing on IG, “I’m not going to let heightened emotions, continued false narratives and accusations trick me into disrespecting the mothers of ANY of my children.”