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London On Da Track Choke Hold Summer Walker Leave Fans Disturbed

London On Da Track and Summer Walker
London On Da Track and Summer Walker

A video of London On Da Track choke holding Summer Walker left some of her fans disturbed.

Some relationships have weird kinks, and fans of Summer Walker are now worried that herd could be dangerous. London on da Track slipped into the “Something Real” singer’s DMs around 2017, telling her his vision that she could one day become his Beyoncé and wear his chain. London then bridged the gap between them when he began executive-producing Summer’s debut album, “Over It”, which came out last October. The rest, you could say, is lyrical history.

Summer and the “Throw Fits” hitmaker seem to be going strong, but some fans are worried that London is coming off a little TOO strong… A clip has gone viral that appears to show the 28-year-old choking his girlfriend. With his hands gripping Summer’s throat, London instructs her to tell him she loves him.

She, on the other hand, looks incredibly uncomfortable and urges him to stop while saying, “It’s supposed to be sexy, it hurts.” London insists, “It is sexy,” and continues ordering her to say she loves him. The 23-year-old eventually concedes, but London does not loosen his grip, instead holding her neck even tighter until she squeals in pain. The disturbing clip then ends with the pair kissing.

We know that some couples are into role-play and other freaky stuff in the bedroom, but we don’t blame Summer’s fans for being concerned that the artist may have wound up in a toxic, abusive relationship. This is not the first that the singer has shared just how raucous her and London’s displays of love can be.

Last month, Summer added videos to her IG that revealed that the pair’s time in the bedroom can be so intense that it sometimes results in London literally ripping off her weave. “Spent all that money just for him to f*** my s*** up,” she captioned one of the clips. Ouch.

We hope that they at least have a safe word.