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21 Savage Buys King Von’s Sister New Range Rover Fully Paid Off

21 Savage copped a 2021 Range Rover for King Von’s sister.

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage may not be able to do anything to bring King Von back to life, but he’s definitely ensuring that his family is doing okay after spending lavishly on an SUV for the late Chicago rapper’s sister. Von was killed in Atlanta on the morning of his birthday when a fight erupted between his crew and that of Quando Rondo’s outside of a nightclub in the area.

The rap community was immediately sent into mourning following the official word of his death. Savage took to Instagram to share a photo of the O Block associate while hinting that they had plans to work together.

“Y u ain’t book da studio yet man always bull sh***tin only ni**a come to my party in regular clothes,. Dam gang dis sh*t ain’t right,” wrote 21. The 26 years old Chicago native moved to Atlanta to take his music career more seriously and to escape the watchful eyes of Chicago law enforcement. Sadly, the move led to him passing away just at the start of his career.

With their main breadwinner out of the picture, his immediate family, which includes his 2 young kids, is allegedly being assisted by Von’s friends. His sister Kayla was most distraught after hearing about her brother’s death and even more so when images of his lifeless body laying on the autopsy table were leaked online. As a way to show his support Savage got Kayla a White 2021 Range Rover.

“2021 PAID FA,” she wrote on IG while showing off the sweet ride, which cost approximately $58,000. The car shows how thoughtful 21 is, yet the sweetest part of the tributed gift came in the form of a bouquet of red roses.


21 continues to show just how big his heart is. The “Bank Account” rapper started a charity a few years back, which aimed to assist youths with becoming more financially literate. He doubled-down on the efforts earlier this year.

“I felt like it’s important more than ever to give our next generation the tools to succeed in life,” he said to the Associated Press.

Von was laid to rest in a private ceremony last weekend.