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Kevin Gates Dissed NBA Youngboy In Drunken Rant On Instagram Live

Kevin Gates and NBA YoungBoy

Kevin Gates appears to ignite a beef with NBA YoungBoy on Instagram Live.

Rapper Kevin Gates may have just been the latest person to experience the negative yet powerful effects of alcohol when he decided to speak ill of NBA Youngboy while being intoxicated. Gates hopped onto Instagram to hurl insults and a possible threat at Youngboy and his family. Gates’ wife Dreka tried to derail what he was saying when she attempted to snatch his phone on numerous occasions. Sadly, there isn’t much that she could have done since she was the one driving the car they were traveling in.

“It takes a man to stand over kids b**ch. I might can’t get you but amma get your mama,” Gates said while on the IG LIVE. Fans in the comment section were very much confused about who the diss was aimed at, while others were confident it was the 21-year-old father of 5. Along with hailing from the same city, both Kevin and YB share the same naming initials KG, [Kevin Gilyard – Kevin Gates and Kentrell DeSean Gaulden – NBA Youngboy.]

That is not the most intimate piece of detail though, as Kevin Gates got NBA Youngboy’s face tattooed to his body a few years ago. “He is young, and I saw a lot of myself in him, and you know am like yeah I love him, so I put him under my wings,” he explained in 2019 after being labeled a homosexual for the act.

It’s unclear what went wrong between both camps this time around. Some have speculated that things never quite settled after NBA Youngboy’s artiste Quando Rondo dissed Gates while on a stage in 2018, which came as a result of Gates promoting music for the opposition.

Whatever pushed Gates to his recent drunken rant may have been revealed during his cryptic ramblings. “They want you to think different of me you stupid mutha****a, your h*e control you, you b**ch,” he said before referencing a line hitting at the Slyme camp which NBA Youngboy reps. “Hey you B**ch a*s n**ga talking that gangsta sh*t … you claiming to be a monster but I know what you are, you did a video about why you didn’t get out the car. Lyme Green McLaren like I’m banging for Big Slyme but that’s some f**king line b**ch I’m bangin for big slyme.”

What do you make of the video?