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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Kidnapper Harv Gets Lengthy Sentence In Prison

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former gangmate and kidnapper has now received a prison sentence.

After being convicted last year, Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison has finally been sentenced for his crimes. Ellison who is a former gang mate and one-time manager of previously incarcerated New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was said by prosecutors to be the “the most culpable defendant convicted” in the Nine Trey Blood gang case when the group was prosecuted in 2019.

The same judge who presided over 6ix9ine’s trial, Judge Engelmayer has continued to handle the majority of the Nine Trey Blood gang members’ fate. While prosecutors recommended 30 years to life for Harv, citing that he is a high-ranking member of the gang in court documents, the judge decided to go with another decision. Ellison was sentenced to two dozen years in the slammer plus five years of supervised release. In court on Wednesday (Nov. 4), the convict pleaded his case, telling Engelmayer, “I’m not an angel. But I’m not a monster either,” according to InnerCityPress on Twitter.

After detailing Anthony Ellison’s “horrific” crimes and the products of him existing wholly on the other side of the law for the past number of years, Judge Engelmayer handed down the heavy sentence. “I think 360 months is not necessary. I find that a sentence below this can accomplish what it must,” he said. “Mr Ellison, I sentence you to 24 years, followed by five years of supervised release. I hope when you get out you are not tempted to return to crime. The Department of Probation will have its eyes on you.”

Some of the crimes the judge made reference to during the sentencing were Snow Billy getting shot in the head, Mark Hovde’s face being slashed, and a gang fight at LAX. Ellison and another gang member were also accused of kidnapping 6ix9ine in July 2018 and robbing him of $750K in jewelry and approximately $35K in cash. The other defendant was sentenced to 17 years behind bars earlier this year.

Based on Harv’s crimes, do you think his sentence was harsh or lenient?