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NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mama Yaya Mayweather Previews New Music

NBA YoungBoy’s baby mama Yaya Mayweather is eyeing a debut in musi.

Dating a successful rapper appears to be rubbing off on the 20-year-old, as Yaya Mayweather has decided to get back to the music that she has been tinkering with for the last couple of years. Around March, the aspiring artist — who goes by the name Money Yaya — released a snippet of a track on IG and asked her followers to vote whether she should drop the single. Unfortunately for her, 55% votes against hearing any more of Yaya’s beats, but that seems not to have deterred her as she has now headed back into the studio.

The daughter of the boxing legend posted a short clip of herself swiveling on a chair, lip-syncing, with the words, “Back in the studio,” emblazoned over the vid. Someone could clearly be seen walking behind her, no word if it was NBA YoungBoy, there to offer his baby mama some creative advice.

Yaya’s father confirmed last week that his baby girl is gonna be a mother, following speculation that she was carrying the “Kacey Talk” rapper’s child after being spotted with a baby bump in September. Yaya’s own mother, Melissa Rene, also thanked an IG fan who congratulated her on the pregnancy. “I just want the best for my daughter, always want the best. If that makes her happy, then we’re happy, me and her mother is happy,” Floyd Mayweather Jr. said while confirming Iyanna is pregnant. “But what I try not to do is get in her personal business because once she’s no longer under my roof then it’s between her and her better half.”

As for Yaya’s “better half,” this will be YoungBoy’s sixth child.