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Saweetie Gets Backlash On Twitter For Saying Real Men Buy Birkin Bags For Females


Fans are dragging Saweetie for endorsing Birkin bags over relationship values.

Celebrity couples tend to have a lavish standard that is far removed from that of the regular folk. While some of us would appreciate a gift card or new fragrance from our partners, artists these days are looking to collect luxurious vehicles and designer accessories when there is an occasion that calls for gift-giving.

Rappers Quavo and Saweetie have been dating for a couple of years now, and with their bank account being conducive to a certain lifestyle, it’s expected that they will gift each other generously. However, the couple erred when they projected those expectations onto unsuspecting fans who are now bashing them for their rather privileged statement. Quavo was live on Instagram when his rapper girlfriend came on to make a public service announcement, only it did not so much suit the public.

“If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n***a back to the streets, okay?” Saweetie said. Quavo cosigned the sentiment with a shrug when he returned to the camera which could only mean he’s not mad at what his lady had to say. Some fans found it insulting that Saweetie, a woman making at least six figures annually, would impress such unreasonable standards on people who struggle to make their five.

According to Business Insider, a single Hermès Birkin Bag can cost anywhere between $40,000 and $50,000. Now realistically speaking, if we held our men to such a standard, how many eligible bachelors would we really have in the real non-celebrity world? The backlash was most prominent on Twitter, where both male and female fans criticized Saweetie and Quavo’s comments.

“I don’t give a F**K! I’m not paying no 20K for no f***ing Birkin bag y’all b***s is BIRKIN up the wrong f***ing treee!” one young man wrote. “But can YOU buy YOU a Birkin? Can YOU afford the lifestyle you are trying to live? Are you looking for a sponsor or a partner?” another fan tweeted.

DJ Akademiks also joined the conversation on Twitter with a message for the women who concurred with Saweetie’s outrageous standard. “I swear.. Moneybagg yo / Ari … Lil Baby / Jayda … Quavo /Saweetie… relationship on shaderoom got basic broke h*es thinking they suppose to get designer bags and cars too.. hell na… Ari Jayda and Saweetie rich… yall h*es broke asf,” the hip-hop commentator wrote.

Do you think Saweetie’s comments about throwing the whole man away if he can’t do a little Birkin splurging is a bit absurd or fair enough in her financially free case?

Check out some of the tweets below.