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NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mama Yaya Mayweather Gave Him Icy Birthday Gift

Yaya Mayweather ensured that NBA YoungBoy is iced out for his birthday.

The relationship between Iyanna Mayweather and Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, more popularly known as Money Yaya and NBA Youngboy, respectively, has long been considered a very toxic one by fans. However, there is a little cliche which states that ‘love knows no bounds’, which is quite fitting to the situation. Sometimes things may seem one-sided, especially when one considers NBA Youngboy having kids and multiple women in the two years he and Yaya have been together. Clearly, Yaya knows just what she has and is willing to risk it all to keep him.

Youngboy officially graduated to a man today, finally celebrating his 21st birthday. The congratulations were definitely flowing in from all over the industry, but with the rapper now missing from social media, it’s hard to see what gifts he has received. There was one gift that the public was made aware of, and it came from no other than the loyal Iyanna.

The daughter of the famed boxer Floyd Mayweather has proven that she only wants Kentrell on numerous occasions. Along with hopping out of vehicles to attack other females, she has also inflicted bodily harm using a deadly weapon on one of his baby mamas, an act that may see her spending years behind bars if convicted. Late last year, the rapper made a song titled Dirty Iyanna, which seemingly hinted at the toxicity of the union. The latest news coming out of the union is that Yaya Mayweather is allegedly pregnant with the rapper’s child.

What do you give someone whom you have already given almost everything? Jewelry, of course. Joe The Jeweler, the man behind Shyne Jewelers, recently revealed that Yaya Mayweather purchased a stunning bracelet for the rapper. However, this was not just any piece of jewelry, as Yaya clearly placed a lot of thought into the gift, which spells out “Alice,” the name of NBA Youngboy’s grandmother. The rapper was predominantly raised by his grandmother, who passed away in 2010 from heart failure.

As for Yaya Mayweather and NBA Youngboy, there is still little knowledge surrounding the current status of their relationship. This is especially hard to decipher since the rapper had been parading another female on social media for the last couple of months before he removed his Instagram account.