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Vybz Kartel Debuts New Visual “Try Dat” – Watch

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel released another banger for the fans.

Though the dancehall mogul has been gone for the better part of a decade, it never really felt like it. The incarcerated deejay has maintained a dominant presence in the dancehall arena with consistent hits and perpetual relevance. His confinement be damned, Vybz Kartel has been dropping new singles, collaborations, projects, and visuals like they’re going out of style, and Gaza fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

The intro to his new track, “Try Dat,” has his signature spoiler that reveals it is, in fact, about to be one “fi di gyal dem.” What it doesn’t warn is that Teacha would pack so much lyrical pleasure, sweet nothings, and sexually appealing flows into a single three-minute and twelve-second track.

“P*y feel brand new / Don’t move I’ll take off your clothes / Siddung pon di big big, buss a pose / Mass times acceleration, dat a force / Love you the most / Tell everybody mi boast,” Teacha deejays in the second verse. “So good inna di bed (Turn up) / Balance pon yuh head (Try dat) / Rub yuh bty and yuh br**t (Why not?) / And yuh body never made in a China,” he sings in the hook.

“Try Dat” which was produced by One Don Records, arrived on Thursday (Oct. 8) accompanied by a raunchy new music video. Captured by Chrome Video & Entertainment and cut up by Loco Evo, the visuals feature a gang of lingerie-clad vixens performing to the track in a sultry bedroom setting. It is, of course, complete with a group and solo exotic dancing as well as the inevitable pool scenes (both with a pool table and an actual swimming pool).

Maybe it’s his wit when he says, “I wanna f**k you like a middle finger” or the way he lowers his pitch when he croons, “So good inna di bed” but whatever gem you choose to cherish most from the dancehall star’s newest single “Try Dat,” you cannot go wrong.

Peep the visuals for the banger.