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Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi Allegedly Punched Ex-GF Knocked Her Tooth Out

Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi is under scrutiny for allegedly punching his pregnant ex-girlfriend knocking her tooth out.

One half of the Rae Sremmurd team, Slim Jxmmi, is the latest entertainer to be outed for being abusive to his spouse, especially during pregnancy. A few weeks ago, rapper Bow Wow was made to face the music after recordings of a violent altercation he had with his then-pregnant girlfriend got shared on the popular media outlet The Shade Room. In a similar fashion, The Shade Room broke the story of Jxmmi’s violent acts against his ex-girlfriend Kee, with one such incident resulting in him knocking her tooth out.

TSR acquired in-depth info from a source close to both the rapper and his now ex-girlfriend, who mentioned that the beatings were administered quite regularly, alluding to Kee being the rapper’s “punching bag.” According to TSR’s sources, “Jxmmi’s actions have been a direct result of his father passing away earlier this year.” It’s safe to say that the excuse provided does not justify the actions of the rapper yet, the same source has confirmed that Kee did not press charges for the incident that took place 2 months ago. The main reason for her reluctance in going to the police allegedly came from her fears of being the victim of an even crueler form of retaliation, which could also include her child being taken by protective services.

Rae Sremmurd

The evidence stacked against Slim Jxmmi looks pretty damning; however, the rapper’s mom is alluding that there is at least one side of the tale that is not being told. She took to social media to plead her son’s innocence with a series of posts to her Instagram Story and timeline. While the post did not list her son’s name, it’s clear that the message is intended to address the accusations.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this… men have the right to defend themselves from these toxic women,” she penned. She continued with a caption stating, “Some of you have life twisted with no ambition. Trying to take what someone has worked hard for by trying to get pregnant, lying, and stealing is not a career path.”

As for Kee, she was provided veneers in order to replace the missing tooth. She is also still very much with child and is enjoying the remainder of her pregnancy in a “safe environment.”


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