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Big Sean Leaving G.O.O.D Music To Start Own Label, Get High Praises From Cardi B

Big Sean is ready to start his own label and is getting high praises from Cardi B for his new album, Detroit 2.

Big Sean is back with arguably the best album of the year, this according to his own industry peers. Despite limited promo, Detroit 2 has been met with wide acclaim for its depth, introspection, and acrobatic bars. This weekend, Cardi B and The Game tweeted their support for Sean Don’s sixth studio project, which has seen immense success since its September 4 release. “So are we just gonna act like @BigSean didn’t drop the best rap album of the year,” tweeted The Game while Cardi B wrote, “Big Sean been giving calm spirit vibes on IG then comes violating on his album. Album is hard!”

Reaching out to those most responsible for his success, Sean hosted a Twitter Q&A on Saturday to connect with his core fans. They were encouraged to submit questions using the hashtag #AskBigSean, and the rapper revealed quite a bit about what he has in the works. When one user asked whether he was still signed to G.O.O.D music Big Sean revealed he’s starting his own record label. “Yep! I’m starting my own after this album though. Any artist u think I need to sign? It’s time!”

Big Sean was officially signed to the label in 2007, after impressing Kanye West and submitting his demo. That forward-thinking mentality was apparently what inspired him to do the follow up to Detroit. “Felt like it was time, realized this ain’t promised so its no more time to just say “I’ll do it later” or “eventually” people are dying, tragedies are happening with no warning so that and returning to my passion was why I called it that. Detroit deserves it too, Sean wrote.

When asked by @FENTYHOURZ, “what was the creative process or the inspiration behind detroit 2? I can assume it was you giving back to your community but i wanna hear it from you!” The “IDFWU” rapper doubled down on earlier sentiments. “The inspiration was me just trying to uplift not only my city but my whole universe. I wanted to do my part in times like these so I look back on my life and know I did what I could to help. Instead of just watching other people try or sitting n judging them for being themselves.”

Big Sean also shared that he’ll be featured on Justin Beiber’s next album and confirmed that there’s new music on the way with J. Cole as well. “Me n J Cole was working on something but it didn’ get finished. That’s my bro tho for sure,” Sean said. Before the night was through, he sent a heartfelt thank you to those who tuned in, sent questions, and have been vibing to his music since day one. “Thank you for riding with me, I know it’s some people that love me, some who hate me but the people who stuck with me are the ones who see my heart and relate to my music n journey. So I say to you all I love you! I think about you everyday, and am thankful for making me who I am,” Big Sean tweeted.