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NBA YoungBoy Post And Delete Video With His Baby Mama Jania Meshell

NBA YoungBoy appears to have posted and quickly deleted a video of himself and his baby mama/ex-girlfriend Jania Meshell.

Who would have thought that NBA Youngboy and Jania Meshell would be the ‘power’ couple everyone in hip hop would be dying to see them get back together? NBA Youngboy has been steadily promoting his upcoming album ‘TOP,’ which is slated to be released within the next 8 days. The father of 5 has been keeping fans in the loop with various cryptic posts on social media. He has also released “Kacey Talk,” “Murder Business,” and “Callin,” featuring his new pal Snoop Dogg as promotional cuts from the album, which has already topped Apple Music’s charts from presales. Youngboy was readying yet another promo release titled “Freeze” and decided to share a snippet of the visuals with his Youtube and social media fans.

While the short clip shows much love to his kids, especially while they brush his face with paint, the video also showcases another alleged love of his life, his ex and baby mama Jania Meshell. While the “Lil Top” rapper has bedded many and impregnated a handful, with Yaya Mayweather supposedly being added to that list, the union he shared with Jania was one many fans hoped would have lasted. However, their very public, and what many thought to be a toxic relationship, ended in a very nasty breakup. The rapper used the opportunity to craft his song the “Truth About Herpes,” in which he detailed that Jania was the one who gave him the STD. Jania shot back with a couple of tweets stating that she was clean, and any mentioned of herpes was a publicity stunt.

Much like NBA Youngboy, Jania has also kept it moving by forming an unconfirmed romantic relationship with rapper YBN Almighty Jay. Jania was also rumored to be in a relationship with San Antonio Spurs player Dejounte Murray. While NBA Youngboy and Jania have called it quits for some time now, they do share one thing in common, the love for their son Kacey. Could the toddler be the reason she is in the video, or is there more to it?

The rapper was clearly not in any mood to discuss things yesterday, taking to his Instagram Story to let his feelings known. “I’m so mad right now on my grandma grave,” he wrote. “I ain’t even pay attention to that face poppin up and I’m pretty sure it ain’t a problem either,” he continued before instructing those speaking on his name to “s*ck my d**k.”

Still, fans could not contain their joy at seeing the two sitting close to each other, and things got pretty rowdy on twitter shortly after the promo clip dropped. “sorry but im all for jania and yb getting back together,” came one tweet.

“They said Jania took Youngboy back so mind your business if you see me take my ni**a back,” joked another fan.

You can check out some of the other hilarious but supportive tweets below.