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NBA YoungBoy Reveals His Baby Mama Slept With His Brother

NBA YoungBoy is dealing with some family drama after one of his baby mamas slept with his brother.

Much like the title of Tupac Shakur’s song, NBA Youngboy has been known to “Get Around” with the ladies. This has seen him landing in murky waters with quite a few of his love interests who all just want Kentrell DeSean Gaulden [the rapper’s real name], with at least one stopping at nothing to get/defend him. While the likes of Yaya Mayweather and his current queen Jazlyn Mychelle seem to have engulfed themselves in everything Youngboy, at least one of his exes wanted to dabble in what another family member had to offer.

The Baton Rouge rapper has recently announced the arrival of a brand new album, and anticipations are already running high for its 9/11 release date. The rapper recently dropped a couple of head boppers such as “Kacey Talk,” “Murder Business,” and a collaboration with Migos titled “Need It.”

NBA YoungBoy’s most recent social media share is capturing the attention of his fans at the moment. He took to Twitter to let his over 2 million followers know that he likes to keep his bedroom shenanigans a secret, and is not the type to bring a camera into the steamy session. The more juicy content arrived when he revealed was that one of his baby mamas had sexual relations with his brother.

“I never really been the type to record myself having sex my baby mama f__ked my brother before too it’s ok,” came the controversial tweet. Sadly, the rapper did leave out some worthwhile information such as the particular baby mama and the particular brother. Two of the rapper’s most known brothers are Davaughn Tate and Jeffrey Tate, who were both arrested for murder last year. The rapper also has another brother by the name of Ken Gaulden. Perhaps fans are more interested in which baby mama was unfaithful to the “Fine By Time” rapper. A few of the fans argued that the line was a direct jab at his second baby momma Trinia. According to the hip hop grapevine, the union of Nia and NBA Youngboy was a one-night affair which ultimately resulted in their son “Taylin ‘Tay Tay’ Gaulden. NBA was so skeptical of Nia that he ordered a DNA test which came back that he was indeed the father.

One fan allegedly possesses details about the incident that led to Nia getting pregnant. She replied to NBA YoungBoy’s original tweet stating, “Everybody should know this bout TriniaSkullhim and Babyjoe ran a train on her after a show and she got pregnant with Taylin. They been talked bout it. Baby K look just like Starr, he don’t look sh*t like Ben Face with tears of joyBen kids by different girls and still look alike, nun like BabyK.”

If numbers are anything to go by, the rapper still has four other baby mamas he seems proud of.