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Alkaline’s Vendetta Clan Wrecks Havoc In “Cree” Video

Alkaline and his Vendetta clan wreck havoc in his new video, “Cree.”

Three months after dropping off “Cree,” Alkaline returns with the visual, which is just as dark and gritty as the Countree Hype Entertainment-produced single. The Kashwayne-directed cut saw the Vendetta leader, and his crew set out on a mission to stir fear and destruction at a nine-night. The gang pulled up at a gas station while striking fear in the gas pump attendant who they left unarmed, as they set out on “operation eradicate.”

By nightfall, they pulled up at the nine-night location heavily armed with high powered rifles and immediately started firing. “Cyaan’ bawl cree/Tell craft man seh we full ah technique/Mek him feel like seh we good and den ah R.I.P/Show up ah dem nine-night cah we heart clean/Nuh ah dem seh dem ah dweet but dem nuh dweet like we/Gun dem nuff, ah wah dem ah hear ’bout?” Alka deejay over a bouncy dancehall beat.

The gritty video saw Alkaline and company cutting down one man who fled the scene before taking two other men hostage to disposed of at an undisclosed location. Vendetta fans were very pleased with the quality and narrative of the video, even though a few folks argued that it’s too violent in a time when the masses need something more uplifting.

“Cree” is among a handful of new singles Alkaline released in recent months. We also saw tracks like “Ocean Wave,” “Nah Fi Like,” “High Props,” “Monopoly,” and “We Up,” all hitting the airwaves.